Hope everyone is doing well! 

Been doing well, getting ready to make doctor appointments, and trying to get on an even healthier lifestyle (started to walk 3miles or an hour every other day, instead of 40 mins 3 days back to back), and continuing to practice keeping the anxiety down. 

Communicating with my girlfriend more and even helping her with her anxiety. 

We had a big argument that helped me how stressed out she was. So, I'm glad to help her.

Trying not to over think and remembering that everything I feel isn't bad!

Peace, hugs, and love to you all! So glad to know you all!!!



Not even the stuff that feels bad is all bad. Stretching my comfort zone can hurt like a father fuck, but having room to be a better person and let my life grow rocks.

Yay you for seeing that your gf needs support, too. Perhaps the most important gift I have received from my peer support network is the healing power in taking the time to let the world be bigger than my isolated pain. I heal a little every time I take the time to care about somebody else's problems, perhaps most especially when the help is rejected. That's when I gain insight on how I impact the world around me when I isolate in my strictly personal misery.
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Do something every single day. Good for you to help your gf! The more we help others, we also help ourselves!