Herpes Cure Updates: Scientists Reveal Herpes Treatment That May Kill Herpes And Cure Virus Symptoms

Several herpes cure researchers claim breakthrough in herpes treatment and discuss natural ways to fight herpes virus.
- - The Center for Disease Control reported that approximately 45 million people aged 12 or older (which is around 20%) have been exposed to genital herpes virus. The initial outbreak of genital herpes usually happens two weeks after the exposure. A herpes simplex virus-2 blood test can indicate a genital herpes infection.
Herpes virus is a serious disease and, if left untreated, may cause damage. Symptoms of herpes simplex-1 include sores and blisters in oral area. In some cases it may infect central nerve system which leads to death in 70% of cases. Herpes simplex virus-2 causes painful genital sores, lowers immune system which may lead to different diseases and complications such as: headaches, fever and swollen glands. Prescribed medications and traditional herpes treatments usually only treat the visible symptoms and, therefore, push the herpes virus deeper in the body which sometimes can prevent future outbreaks. The problem is that it does not eliminate the herpes virus from the body, and the virus remains in the nerve cells located along the spinal cord. Eventually weak immune system causes outbreaks anyway, and it also increases the risk of developing such diseases as dementia, Alzheimers and Parkinsons in the future. The antiviral drug Acyclovir, which is prescribed to many herpes patients, is very effective in treating the herpes virus, but after some time the patient usually develops resistance to it. Acyclovir is definitely not a cure for herpes, it just prevents the virus replication during the time of the treatment.
When exposed to HIV virus through sexual intercourse, people who have sexually transmitted diseases are two to five times more likely to get HIV than people who are not infected with STDs. Genital ulcer (herpes, syphilis, or cancroids) and non-ulcerative STDs (gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis) can be the targets for the entry of HIV, and that is one of the reasons why doctors are saying that herpes cure can prevent the transmission of HIV.
Certain natural treatments have been proven to be very effective in treating herpes. Aromatherapy, diet change, herbs, homeopathy and juicing helped many people to prevent future herpes outbreaks. Noni juice and olive leaf extract can also prevent herpes outbreaks, raw honey shortens recovery time and homeopathic medicines may help cure herpes symptoms. It is also true, that reducing the amount of stress and boosting immune system helps fight the herpes virus.
- - A study conducted by Dr Christine Buehler and Dr Ken Languin shows great promise for both genital and oral herpes cure. 479 clinical trials were successfully conducted over the course of one year eliminating herpes simplex virus-1 and herpes simplex virus-2 in every single case. Recently Dr Buehler published Herpes Cure e-book where she described her method that has already helped more than 30 thousands people around the globe to cure herpes symptoms and even prevent the virus from replicating. Dr Buehler claims, that her herpes treatment removes the symptoms and the root cause of the herpes virus, boosts immune system and helps restore overall health in less than a month. Dr Buehlers system focuses on separating protein ICP-47 from the nerve cells and letting bodys defense mechanisms eliminate herpes virus. Natural holistic approach is used to cure herpes symptoms and prevent the virus from reproducing, it is suited for both men and women and has no age restrictions (Herpes Cure e-book is covered by a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee). After completing Dr Buehlers Herpes Cure program it is recommended to get a herpes virus blood test.
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