Herpes Cure Facts: Treatments That Can Cure Herpes Symptoms, Stop Outbreaks and Eliminate Herpes Vir

Recent herpes cure research reveals holistic treatments that can cure the symptoms of oral and genital herpes faster, help prevent future outbreaks and may even be able to remove the herpes virus from human body.
- - Millions of people live with herpes for years without being aware of it. Expensive drugs and herpes treatments relieve the symptoms of herpes outbreaks, but cant remove the root cause of the virus. There are certain natural herpes treatments that has been proven to help cure the symptoms and may prevent the herpes virus from replicating. For example, chopped garlic applied directly on the blister for ten minutes and then rinsed with warm water (this should be repeated for five times within a twelve-hour period) completely eliminates the sores.
http://redolex.com/herpescure - Click To Learn More About Dr. Buehlers Herpes Cure Program And Find Out How It Can Cure The Symptoms Of Herpes And Prevent The Virus From Replicating - When the herpes virus has affected larger areas the procedure should be repeated for two days. Garlic is also rich in minerals and it is a natural and very powerful antibiotic. It strengthens immune system and bodys defense mechanisms and it is very good for people with high blood pressure, and it also treats many health conditions, such as fatigue, bronchitis, chronic cough, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, rheumatism and headaches. Thyme, cayenne and licorice can help fight the herpes virus, and galangal, una de gato (cats claw), lapacho, astragalus, pansy, myrrh and ligustrum are known to be one of the best antiviral herbs. Propolis and thuja cream can soothe the irritation caused by the blisters if applied onto the skin,and they also help fight the herpes virus.
Several studies have also proven that olive leaf extract not only helps prevent herpes outbreaks, but can also cure the symptoms of oral and genital herpes and stop the virus from reproducing. There are several things that can trigger herpes outbreak: stress, surgery, illness, poor diet and unhealthy habits, but typically herpes outbreaks are caused by low immune system. Therefore, Strong immune system is essential in the prevention of herpes outbreaks. Organic raw kombucha is an excellent immune system booster. Reishi mushroom also helps boost the immune system and has antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that help fight herpes.
There are many foods that should be eliminated from the diet in order to get rid of herpes: chocolate, nuts, seeds, multigrain bread and cereals, coffee, processed foods, oatmeal and sugars, black and green teas (they can be substituted with herbal teas). Fried foods and white flour should also not be eaten because white flour turns into sugar which actually feeds herpes.
- - Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, seaweed (dulse, wakame, etc.) and fish should be included in a herpes diet. It is a very good idea to start every day with a fresh cold-pressed beet, carrot, apple and ginger juice. Beets contain high amounts of lysine amino acid that helps prevent herpes outbreaks. Dandelion juice works great, too, because of its antiviral properties. It is very important to keep blood alkaline to prevent bacteria, fungus and virus from growing (aloe vera can be used for that), and to keep arginine levels low so that the herpes virus wont replicate. Noni juice contains 17 out of the 20 known amino acids (including lysine) and has been proven to be a very powerful and effective remedy for herpes.
Herpes Eraser is a natural herpes treatment developed by Dr Christine Buehler and Dr Ken Languin who successfully conducted 479 trials and helped more than 30 thousand people cure cold sores and treat herpes. Dr Buehler recently released an e-book that described her revolutionary herpes treatment. She claims that this Herpes Cure program is a natural treatment that works for both men and women and has no age restrictions, and according to Dr Buehler it helps cure the symptoms of herpes and stops the virus from replicating in less than a month (Dr Buehlers Herpes Cure e-book is covered by a 60-day no questions asked money back guarantee). It is important to get a herpes simplex virus blood test after completing the program.
Disclaimer: The content in this press release is for information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice. As always, you should consult with a qualified healthcare professional before starting or stopping any medication, nutritional supplement or protocols.