Here follows suggestions and hints which will help you discover the ideal programme for your wedding

A String Quartet can provide music for each stage of your Wedding.
To start with, we possess the Brides break fast. In the event you are hiring the services of a String quartet for the entire day, you may be able to arrange for one or 2 of the players to arrive for this early stage of the wedding at additional cost that is reasonable. One string instrument, such as the cello, can provide gentle music with Schubert's Ave Maria or the suites by Bach. It is considered good form to invite the musicians to really have a meal with your guests, especially if there's a long interval between wedding periods.
Now comes the big moment of your Wedding day, the Processional (walking down the aisle!) This really is when you'll be happy that you employed a String Quartet. The particular music for the notorious 'Here comes the bride' . In case your prospective ensemble does not understand this piece (and it is proper name), walk away! You need to be certain the quartet has the assets to obtain it, or possibly already has it in their repertoire if you have your heart set on something else. More vague musical requests may have to be written specially for quartet. Musical arrangements of most show tunes etc. should be within the compass of the quartet musicians themselves. You should expect to pay yet another fee for this particular service. A superb arrangement takes time.
The Prelude is followed by next. That is the phase when your guests arrive at the authentic site where the service will happen. This is often an alternative venue from where the Brides break fast and / or Reception happens. You should allow enough time for the musicians to reach the marriage site before your visitors! With this phase, the entire quartet (all 4 players) will have to be onsite for the primary element of the ceremony, so it's wise to take good advantage of their existence and ask them to play for the Prelude as well. The Pachelbel Canon is a perfect piece of music with this function. As this period has become the longest (with exclusion of the reception), the quartet will have to have a considerable repertoire of peaceful entrance music in order to avoid repitition. A string quartet that is good will soon be aware of these demands, and ought to manage to ensure you that their repertoire is diverse, substantial and appropriate. Allow up to thirty minutes for this particular period.
The Signing of the register is the next phase of the Nuptials which requires music. Bach's Air on the g-string is also wonderfully effective. This will assist to release any pressure in the area and lets everyone in - Kaufman Orchestra - the area to really have a bit of a breather! You should ensure that the quartet you've hired has the whole assortment prepared, and not just excerpts, again in order to avoid endless repetition of 'the well-known bits'.
That is it, you've done it, you are married! All that is left for you to do is to walk back down the aisle. It is best to stay with the Wedding March until you have very strong feelings about a choice piece of music.
It's party-time! The reception often takes place in an alternate location from your nuptials, and follows the processional. There is a huge number of excellent Quartet repertoire that is acceptable for a Wedding reception. It might be possible to satisfy the requirements your reception with all the songs of Mozart alone! Of course, an experienced quartet should possess a repertoire. Nevertheless, It's worth checking that the musicians have specific pieces in their own armory. You must be prepared to hear Ein Kleine Nachtmusic (a small night-music) by Mozart, Boccherini's Minuet along with The ragtime music of Scott Joplin to name but a few.