Here are 5 advantages e-liquid has over tobacco.

Tobacco has been around for hundreds of years and has been linked to deaths of millions of people.  Nicotine makes the brain gets used to the buzz and when you stop your brain goes crazy E-liquid gives your brain nicotine and it’ also a similar action to smoking. A new healthier alternative other than quitting came along to improve the health of the people.  This makes it easier to quit smoking and nicotine free of e-liquid helps quit the nicotine addiction.  Nicotine is the addictive chemical in tobacco which stimulates the brain receptors and releases endorphins vistaejuice wholesale store.

You might be well aware of VISTAEJUICE if you are a regular user of e juice or e liquid, a popular wholesale supplier for vape products.  E-liquid comes in a number of flavors; these flavors enhance the vaping experience and leave a pleasant taste in the mouth. There are so many flavors of e-liquid to choose from. Whether you like the taste of tobacco or want to mix things up with a fruity flavor. The choice is yours and there is plenty to choose from.

As they have millions of customers who are happy enough from the deals made it demonstrates their good customer handling capacity. They never compromise on their standards they focus on hundred percent satisfactions and hence no matter what ever the situation is.  Tobacco would not just stain your fingers it would stain your teeth, mouth and nose. When e-juice is vaped fingers are left clean from yellowy brown nicotine stains associated with tobacco smoking advantages e-liquid. 

But since they do have nicotine as their main constituent it is surely going to harm your health in one or the other way although you can call these e juices as environment friendly.