Help! Some of my hubs are marked as having adult content!

Based upon an email to me from staff underwear, lingerie and pics that focus solely on one body part like the rear end or breasts are a no go. So your first pic fails on two counts: underwear and a backside closeup.Staff -> "Generally, images that show individuals (men and women) in underwear/lingerie only are provocative, but women in bathing suits are acceptable. Images that focus only on one portion of the body or where the subject is posed in a sexually suggestive position are also not acceptable. In other words, pictures where a woman's head and legs are cropped out so that her breasts fill the frame are not acceptable."They also referenced Google's new definition of 'Adult content': wer=105957Hopefully there is nothing wrong with me posting staff's message from a email to me concerning their new policy. Clearly others need to know this information. While I know it is normally considered to be in bad taste to post email messages I think in this case it should be - - acceptable since it is about a policy that applies to us all. Please forgive me if I'm wrong. At the time my hub was flagged HubPages's TOU had not been updated to reflect their new policy, and it still hasn't been changed even now 2 weeks later.