help, my hub says potential adult content--It's not!

HubPages relies on Adsense for its income, so it applies the Adsense rules very strictly. Adsense has a list of "prohibited subjects" and adult content is one of them.Adsense uses automated software to pick up on adult content, and since the software is dumb and can't read context, it relies on finding "naughty words". Adsense doesn't share what those naughty words are, so HubPages has its own list. Obviously wiener is on the list! It's quite likely Adsense wouldn't have a problem with that Hub but because Adsense is so crucial to HubPages' survival, the team don't like to take chances. You can understand why they're so touchy - one of HP's competitors lost their Adsense account once, all because ONE member uploaded ONE photo - Natasha White - that broke Adsense rules. It is a bit annoying when that happens,but just remember HubPages is safeguarding their livelihood AND ours by being strict with the rules - and it's easy enough to find other places to publish what they don't accept.