Helmet Cam Advice - What You Need to Know

You've heard of rave reviews about those helmet cameras. You can attach them to your helmet while you're out cycling or attach them to your shoulders through the use of special harnesses or mounts. This allows you free use of your hands while doing these activities while capturing the events of the world as you see them happen. You know it's a cool gadget to have even if you're no adrenaline junkie, but with the many brands and models available, it can be a bit confusing to choose the camera that's right for you.Here are some tips to help you buy a helmet camera:1. Consider what you need it for. If you're no extreme sports enthusiast but will simply use the POV camera to (that's another name for it) get everyday footages not requiring much action, then you can get those cheaper standard definition types. They still give good quality videos, allow you to take tons of pictures and can still be mounted on your handlebars of your bikes, car or on your helmet. However, if you're an active athlete and want a wearable camera to cover all your action scenes, then you might want to invest http://trannycams1.com/ - tranny cams - in a high-definition camera that can record longer videos and provide crisp, sharp images and sound. Of course, they are a bit more expensive than the standard-definition cameras but are well-worth the investment if you lead an active outdoor action lifestyle.2. Consider where you'll be using it. Most wearable cameras are durable and shockproof and as such, can withstand tough drops and falls. However, if you're a scuba diver or simply a snorkeler who wants to capture the beauty of the underwater world, then you have to make sure that the camera you are going to buy is waterproof up to a certain depth. Some cameras have housing which are both waterproof and shock-resistant. Take note of the water depth these cameras can be used in. They are only water-resistant up to a certain number of meters.3. Consider specifications and features. What kind of angle lens do you want? Will you be using it to take more pictures or more videos? Knowing the specifications and features you desire in a camera will help narrow down your choice.4. Consider cost. You might want to buy the best helmet camera in the market with the most features and accessories. But they are often the most expensive. When you're on a budget, determine what features you need in a camera and look for one that you can afford. You don't necessarily need one with all the bells and whistles. Also, some brands are inherently more expensive than others that offer the same specifications and warranties so you might want to do your search more thoroughly.5. Consider customer reviews and feedback. There are forums online that discuss the advantages and disadvantages of POV camera brands. Online merchants publish customer feedback and ratings of cameras they sell. Be sure to visit them before you make your purchase as these will give you a general idea of the performance of a helmet camera.Last but not least, you should definitely have a look at the GoPro HD, it's very good. Also, be sure to check out this GoPro Motorsports HERO review.Author's Bio:Extreme sports enthusiast, world traveler, and happily married father of three.