Hello? Internet? I\'m here for your help.

I have to wonder; how bad does it have to be before you're asking google how to fix something that *counts* five doctors and two physiotherapists haven't been able to fix? Where's your doctorate, google? I asked google about a scoliosis support group, and it sent me here. Gold star for google. It all started this morning when I was putting my backpack on and fell on my bed in pain, but it really all began many, many years ago. Well, of course it did, you say. Scoliosis is from birth! Yeah, I know, but how can you say you've been living with something your entire life if you didn't know it existed for the first 20 years? So many, many years ago (three), I was in a lot of pain, and it really affected my performance at school. It was agonizing pain in my back and shoulder. I might describe the pain as acute and achy but agonizing is a much better word - I swear it drove me mental. I could only sleep when I'd exhausted myself to the point where I would simply pass out, a process which didn't take place every 24 hours. Lack of sleep is a bit of a problem when your body is trying to heal itself, so this was a bit of an agonizing cycle.  Lack of sleep is usually favourable for the college or university student, and this pain was more potent than a pot of coffee or a six-pack of energy drinks. The downside? I couldn't concentrate enough to get any real work done, and, as a music student, the bulk of my school work is spent with a chunk of wood in one hand and a stick of wood in the other. I was finally pretty much disabled this past fall and had to go on academic concession... Which means I couldn't drop courses or else I'd have to re-audition to get into my program again, so instead, I had my doctor's permission (AKA orders) to stay home from school but still write my final exams. I had appointments about three times a week for two months and this whole episode lasted three months. That cleared up and I've been fine until I slung my light backpack onto my back this morning. Ouch, what a pain! I couldn't breathe, couldn't move, but I had to go to school and perform for a class this morning. I was undecided whether I wanted to pass out or to vomit, but never both at the same time. Either I was lucid and sick to my stomach or faint and ready to keel over. I think I preferred lucid but sick on stage and faint while I wasn't holding my instrument. I hopped on my bike this afternoon for a quick ride and that seemed to help, but then orchestra rehearsal nearly killed me again. Pain was back at the base of my ribs and along my upper spine. It feels like all the different components of my upper back are fitting together like someone forcing random puzzle pieces together instead of well-made gears. My shoulder grinds against my ribcage a little all the time but today it's been really painful. And it's little wonder teachers and doctors alike question if I should be playing the viola with scoliosis. On a happier note, I do sort of know how to control the pain, and it's through prevention. I'm hoping that by being a part of this group, it will remind me to do exercises, stretches, and things to help ease the muscles regularly to avoid disasters like today.