Heavy rain across the South, #TBT and OpED! FOX News Weather Blog

Hi everyone. Happy Sunday!A lot to blog about today. Let's start with weather:We had a rough week last week with severe weather. Devastating tornadoes ripped through the heartland and left so much destruction and, tragically, we lost lives. Today, we have a risk of strong to severe thunderstorms later this afternoon over parts of the Southern Plains up into the Midwest. Stronger storms could fire up over south Texas - but we're not expecting a severe outbreak. Mainly large hail and damaging winds, so please be safe!Heavy rain will fall across the Southern Plains and Deep South. Widespread amounts of 1-3 inches is possible by Tuesday morning with locally heavy rain leading to flooding issues.Cooler weather is expected for the Rockies and Great Basin. Rain and mountain snow showers are expected across the Pacific Northwest.And in the good news department, the Northeast is FINALLY feeling like spring this weekend!In other news, Yours truly was the focus of the Foxnews Insider's posts with some of my #throwbackthursday pics. Take a look HEREAnd, more personally, I wrote an OpEd on Friday focusing in on celebrity weight gain, and how I've dealt with my own struggle of being heavy. It was a tough essay to write because of the shame I've felt over the years, but I've received so much incredible encouragement, I no longer feel alone in my struggle. Let me know what you think. You can go HERE to read it.Have a wonderful week. I'm off to DC for a Women on the Move Luncheon on Wednesday which I will tell you all about. You can check it out HERETalk to you soon!JD href='http://weather.blogs.foxnews.com/2015/04/12/heavy-rain-across-the-south-tbt-and-oped/' - http://weather.blogs.foxnews.com/2015/04/12/heavy-rain-across-the-south-tbt-and-oped/ -