Heavy band ALIBI To Release Latest Hard RockCD - TIME MACHINE

The heavy rock band ALIBI have today announced the release of their classic rock cd Time Machine.
The cd from the world-renowned heavy rock band will add another turning point to the bands historical journey.
ALIBI's, Lindsay Osborne, stated the release of the album was an exciting development for the band.
'We're delighted that we will at last be able to get this album out there and that it will provide an extra dimension for our existing fans and assist us to share our power rock with brand-new audiences.
"Time Machine fits perfectly with what http://youtu.be/JvFNjTlFsek - ALIBI - is on about. We are hard edged, powerful, melodic and driven to stop at nothing when it concerns quality.
"When considering launching Time Machine we really wanted something that can actively add to
the band's development in contrast to simply a 'release'. With Time Machine we now have one of the world's most powerful rock albums as an integral example of the ALIBI sound' stated Osborne.
Osborne explained the release as suitable for today's rock music market and an amazing chance.
"It was just a few minutes into my first conference with production and the reasoning for this release became so clear. Sure, our focus on information and quality were so carefully lined up.
However there was so much more.ALIBI is cutting-edge. ALIBI is power. ALIBI represents a passion. And most significantly, ALIBI operates outside the square. This is why we recorded it "live to tape". No tweaks. Bare bones.
Honest heavy Rock Music. "We couldn't be more ecstatic. The electrical impulses within the right side of our brains have already started buzzing," stated Osborne.
To commemorate http://alibitheband.com - Time Machine's - release, ALIBI are providing a unique "direct only" offer on the download cost, which will be available for purchase by
ALIBI's legion of fans and Heavy Rock fans. ALIBI will likewise soon be releasing a collection of inspired Fan Equipment e.g T-Shirts, Hoodies, Caps etc.
ALIBI is a solid virtuoso heavy rock band that captures the spirit, interest and the culture of heavy rock-and-roll in all its forms. ALIBI is a band that enables all Heavy Rock Brethren to LIVE THE LIFE with its unique heavy style of rock. Their compositions cover a broad spectrum of melodic yet fast and, complex screaming riffs geared towards all rock focused obsessives.