Healthy fast food? Americans are eating it up

Fast meals doesn't possess the healthiest reputation, however a fresh generation involving restaurants will be trying to alter that.Lyfe Kitchen is an element of your growing trend inside the sector referred for you to as "healthy fast casual" restaurants, which usually - - provide health-conscious food for people about the go. Your menu features organic fish tacos, baked chicken, even pizza -- nevertheless each meal weighs inside from beneath 600 calories. Simply No supersizing here."I think it's great since if I walk right straight into a restaurant I'm always likely to select a burger along with fries, therefore this type of keeps me about the straight and narrow, coming to end up being able to a place like this," mentioned client Lisa Curesky.Lyfe Kitchen co-founder Michael Donahue invested twenty years studying the ins and also outs of your fast food business whilst working for McDonald's. He noticed a demand for healthier options and also developed his chain for shoppers that are a lot more conscious about whatever they eat -- and also the things they need to avoid."We have no preservatives, it is all totally natural, baked, produced to order, no fryers," he advised CBS News.Another leader in the wholesome fast food sector is actually California-based Tender Greens, a chain with 17 places as well as plans to start 13 much more by subsequent year.Tender Greens turns to neighborhood farmers for its clean greens as well as free-range chickens, feeding Americans' growing appetite regarding healthy, high-quality junk food options. "People have become more sophisticated around food, because of the farmers markets, since of innovative chefs," stated owner Erik Oberholtzer.Customers are generally prepared to spend regarding $8 in order to $12 with such chains to find a quick meal they will happy about, helping spur massive growth in the industry. "Healthy fast casual" restaurant sales totaled $384 - Food To Lose Weight - million within 2014, up 30 percent from your 12 months before.2015 CBS Interactive Inc. Just About All Legal Rights Reserved.