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No matter how much you think you are aware about and in many cases on , visit these great websites and be thrilled with very insightful info.Vibrating clothes could help blind people navigate Today's prosthetic limbs restore many of the functions of missing limbs, but technology for overcoming blindness remains limited. Now, a team of researchers hopes to change...Supercentenarians: How they live to over 110 More and more people are living past age 100 and it's all about healthy living-- and genetics.1-year-old rushed to emergency room after drinking e-cigarette fluid A 1-year-old in York, Pennsylvania was taken to the emergency room on Monday, after his parents say he drank fluid that's used in e-cigarettes.Perms and hair dyes linked to concerning compounds In a new study, hairdressers who often used light colored hair dyes or hair-waving products on clients had more potentially cancer-causing compounds in their blood than...Married men more likely to get health screenings Married men are more likely to visit the doctor and get recommended health screenings than unmarried men who live with their significant others, according to a new reportAlgeria reports first death from MERS Algeria said a 66-year-old man died from Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the first deadly case of the virus in the North African country.Seattle physician suspended for allegedly sexting during surgery A Seattle physician accused of sexting during surgeries and improperly accessing medical images for sexual gratification has been suspended from practice for disregarding...FDA recommends pregnant women eat low-mercury fish U.S. regulators recommended on Tuesday that pregnant women, nursing mothers and women who might become pregnant increase the amount of low-mercury fish they eat to between...Video kiosks allow for virtual doctor's visits Imagine having an appointment with your doctor - not in his or her office, but at the grocery store, on a college campus or even at your - - job.Red meat possibly linked to breast cancer, study says Women who often indulge their cravings for hamburgers, steaks and other red meat may have a slightly higher risk of breast cancer, a new study suggests. href='' - - - -