Health It Soars With Castlight Health Ipo

As employers shift health care costs to employees in the form of high-deductible plans, consumers will try to shop for lower priced and better quality care. According to consulting firm Mercer, enrollment in consumer-directed health plans, which carry a higher deductible and a health savings account, rose from 16% of covered employees in 2012 to 18% last year, a trend that will continue. Nearly two-thirds of large employers expect to offer a consumer-directed health plan within three years. When I contacted Life Technologies Life Technologies , an early Castlight customer, three years ago, a majority of its employees had signed up for its service, and were repeat users, but savings were still anecdotal. Cherny says Life Techs health care expenditures were down 8% in 2011, a result of Castlight and a new consumer-directed health plan. Castlight is pulling back the curtain on the mysterious pricing of health care servicesthe result of back room negotiations between payers and heath care providers.