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Even if you have a lot of other priorities for instance, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., still you need to complete a senior project to graduate successfully class="article-link"" readability="27 - Health Benefits and Side Effects of Chewing Betel Nut - Famous for its stimulating effects, betel nuts have been highly valued for their energy-boosting capability. However, betel nut chewing has been linked to oral cancer, as found out through numerous studies. This Buzzle post... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Advantages and Disadvantages of the Biopsychosocial Model - The biopsychosocial model of health has gained quite a lot of popularity in health psychology today. However, it does have its share of disadvantages along with its many advantages. Buzzle gives you the details in this article. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Clinical Applications of the Biopsychosocial Model - The three-factor model of understanding health, illness, and healthcare has been significantly used in clinical applications for patients with different problems, ranging from addictions to stress and mental illnesses. This Buzzle... class="article-link"" readability="27 - General Overview of the Biopsychosocial Model - George Engel's biopsychosocial model firmly believes that a combination of three important factors; namely, biological, social, and psychological, is the best way to completely understand health and its issues. This Buzzle article... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Difference Between an Antiseptic and a Disinfectant - Antiseptics and disinfectants, both qualify as cleaning agents and are widely used not only in hospitals and other health care centers, but also at home. Although these terms have been used in an interchangeable manner, it is... class="article-link"" readability="27 - What is a Balanced Health Triangle? - A balanced health triangle suggests that all the 3 aspects of life - physical, mental and social - are hale and hearty. The following Buzzle article tells how to strike a balance in your health triangle. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Health Problems Related to Your Height - As surprising as it may seem, height has been associated with many health problems. Depending on how tall or short you are, you are more susceptible to certain diseases and illnesses. Learn more about the health risks linked to... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Everyday Fashion That Can Damage Your Health - Who doesn't want to look fashionable, but fashion at the cost of one's health is not acceptable. There are a few things that you use in your everyday life which you think are safe, but are not. Read this Buzzle article to get... class="article-link"" readability="27 - What Do Your Nails Reveal About Your Health? - An abnormality in the nails is often the first sign of a serious problem like nutritional deficiency, hormonal imbalance, or even melanoma. This Buzzle article takes a look at the minor and major health issues that your nails can... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Why Crying is Good for Your Health - The act of crying has got so much bad press, that it may be difficult to perceive the positive aspects of crying. The following Buzzle article throws some light on the benefits of crying. class="article-link"" readability="27 - How Does Traffic Affect Our Health - Traffic affects our mental as well as physical health in many ways. Some of the most common effects of traffic on our health are frustration, stress, headache, and cough. Apart from these, there are other ill effects of traffic,... class="article-link" - Why is Health Important? - The importance of health can be viewed from different perspectives. In this article, we have highlighted various facts on why is it important to be healthy... class="article-link" - 5 Dimensions of Health - Good health is vital to every individual. However, it doesn't mean being physically strong. Other aspects are also involved. This Buzzle write-up provides information on the five dimensions of health and their importance. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Why is it Important to be Healthy? - Have you ever thought of why it is important to be healthy? Have you realized the importance of your physical and mental fitness? This Buzzle article tells you the importance of staying healthy. class="article-link" - Benefits of Care Farming - Care farming is gaining notoriety as a viable method of eco-therapy for treating people with various physical and mental conditions. Not only does it have healing qualities, but it also brings you closer to nature. This Buzzle... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Reasons Why Keeping a Pet Can Promote Good Health - Only pet keepers know what a blessing pets can be. Pets are a source of endless joy and companionship, and at times, even amused exasperation. However, little do these people know that there are several, tiny changes happening in... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Your Health on the Internet - The Internet is the hypochondriac's dream. Ten minutes and a headache can convince you that you're dying - but you're not. There's a ton of good information out there, but you have to use it judiciously - and leave the actual... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Proper Hand Washing Techniques - The best way to prevent biological contamination is by adopting proper hand washing techniques. Although, the hands cannot be kept germ-free all the time, frequent washing will prevent transmission of various viruses and bacteria. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Your Body Has A Hybrid Engine - The following article will take you through the topic of cold shower vs hot shower by giving you the properties of both and what each of them offers. Continue reading for more details.
class="article-link" - Cold Shower Benefits - A cold shower is good for the environment and also automatically limits the quantity of water usage. These and several other benefits are listed in the following sections. class="article-link"" readability="27 - How to Increase Energy Levels - Feeling drained out and lethargic? The following article will give you some tips on how to increase energy levels and feel rejuvenated all over again. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Effects of a Sedentary Lifestyle - Inactive lifestyle can lead to hosts of medical ailments in a person's life. Most importantly, physical and mental stress that doesn't find a proper channel to come out, can cause further damage to an individual's health. Learn the... class="article-link" - Human Life Expectancy - Though the United States spends more money on health care than any other country, the nation does not top the list of the countries with higher life expectancy. This can be a topic for fierce debates regarding the health-care... class="article-link" - Natural Energy Boosters - Energy boosters help furnish the body with instant energy required to overcome the lethargic feeling one slips into during the day. This article dwells on natural energy boosters for men and women. class="article-link" - How to Get More Energy - For people feeling lethargic and exhausted all day, here are some tips on getting more energy naturally. These simply involve the realization that lifestyle habits influence an individual's energy levels. class="article-link" - How to Stay Healthy - How to stay healthy, not just physically but mentally too? What should one go for? Is it healthy food, exercise, yoga, jogging, running? Read on to know about how to choose appropriate measures to maintain good physical and mental... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Staying Healthy in College - College life is an important milestone that one crosses. This phase in life involves a lot of enjoyment as well. However, it is necessary that one should also maintain a good health. This article provides some tips on staying... class="article-link" - Human Hearing Range - Human hearing range comprises the maximum and minimum frequencies audible to human ear. Read on to know more...
class="article-link" - Normal Vital Signs - The units for measurement of the body's most basic functions, that help in analyzing or monitoring various medical problems are known as normal vital signs. Read this article to gain more information about these signs class="article-link"" readability="27 - Washing Hands After Using Bathroom - Not washing hands after going to the bathroom can spearhead the spread of various illnesses like shigellosis, hepatitis A, salmonellosis, etc. Washing the hands gets rid of germs present on the hands and prevents a person from... class="article-link"" readability="27 - What to Do for Stinky Shoes? - Many people are worried about problems related to stinky shoes. This article gives you some tips on what to do for stinky shoes. class="article-link" - Health Tips for Men - Health, it's said, in good shape can help an individual overcome many adversities, for, a healthy body is a healthy mind. Leaf through this Buzzle article for some vital health tips specifically for men. class="article-link" - Health Tips for Children - With pediatric health problems on a rise, it's important you keep a few crucial tips to maintain your child's health. With the help of these tips, you can inculcate crucial habits in your child's lifestyle. class="article-link" - Hygiene for Kids - Hygiene for kids is an essential part of the cleanliness regime that you need to set up so as to ingrain the values of healthy and clean living. Here are some tips for the maintaining kids hygiene. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Tips for Living a Long and Healthy Life - The following article on will provide you with vital information on how to prolong your precious life. Read on for exclusive live longer tips just for you! class="article-link" - How to Be Beautiful - The answer to how to be beautiful lies within you. It is the journey of seeking the real you that will lead you to the answer for this question. Invest a little time and effort in yourself and discover who you truly are and cherish... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Portable Hand Washing Station - Portable hand washing stations are convenient to use and easy to transport. They are a must at workplaces or any other outdoor place. This article explains what they are and their features. class="article-link"" readability="27 - The Importance of Health Ethics -[backPid]=6&cHash=65bcfd2f5371cb765bb2ad75e583f802 - sites to search at - Health ethics pertain to the responsibility of an individual with respect to his own health and the community health. The depleting health in certain parts of the world is attributed to unhealthy attitude, rather than the actual... class="article-link" - CPT Codes - CPT or the Current Procedural Terminology codes is a set of prescribed services by the Medical Assocaition. Set by the CPT Editorial Panel, the code accurately describes surgical, and diagnostic services with the intent of... class="article-link" - What is Grip Strength? - Grip strength, a part of 'hand strength', is the application of force to pull or suspend an object. It is best observed as a person runs down a flight of stairs and holds on to or grips the rails to prevent a fall. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Top Seven Health Myths even Doctors Believe - Maybe those medical practitioners are using only 10% of their brains, but researchers have debunked the top seven health myths even doctors believe are true. The upcoming article makes for a really very interesting read. class="article-link"" readability="27 - Ayurveda - The Science of Healthy Living - Ayurveda - the science of Life, or Daily Living, was born around three thousand to five thousand years ago in one of the world's oldest civilizations, the Indus Valley civilization. Located in the North West of modern India, the... class="article-link"" readability="27 - Healthy Living for Computer Professionals - Health problems caused by spending long hours in front of the computers are not exactly noticeable and hence are ignored. The most common problems associated with excessive computer use are headaches, eye strain, back pains, wrist... - -