He Browsed My Imagination

The other day I was down at the grocery store hunting for this big event I was having, and I occurred to be in the segment where they have all the different kinds of noodles sauces.

I was just about to choose this huge and delicious looking jar of garlic cloves and red onion, when this guy from behind me said that if I were having a get together, a better choice would be to get tomato and gouda, since it wouldn't give anybody smelly breath.

And as I'm sure you know we don't go to events to consume somebody else's bean dip, since that would be insane, as we can make better bean dip on our own, instead we go to parties so we can hook up with strangers and have fun.

So when I asked the person just how he suspected I was having a event, he said he has some type of imagination reading power based on some historical capabilities of trance, and he would be glad to come to the blowout and put on a performance.

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Not only did we have a fun bash, but this person employed hypnotism on everyone so we would hook up like fearless people of magic and alarming accomplishment.

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