Having a ball in your garden.

After enduring a seemingly never-ending winter, we couldn'twait to get our hands dirty and begin our spring planting. A sight forsore eyes, the early blossoms have renewed our spirits, but they'vealso revealed a few bare spots in our landscape. With an exciting lineof woody ornamentals, Ball Horticultural Company, West Chicago, Ill.,has just the shrub to fill every niche on our property.For a low-maintenance choice, the fragrant Abelia Sunshine Daydream
produces white, trumpet-like flowers in the spring, which eventually
turn a pink-rose color. With orange, red, and bronze foliage, this
evergreen shrub blooms all summer, attracts butterflies, and is great
for container gardens, patios, foundations, and borders. Heat- and
humidity-tolerant, the plant requires six hours of sun a day and will
grow 36"-48" tall and spread 36"-48" wide.
With huge, blue-gray flowers that fade to yellow-orange throughout
the season, the Buddleia Flutterby Grande Blueberry Cobbler Nectar is
adaptable to a wide range of soil types and growing conditions. Needing
six hours of daily sun and little to no pruning, the bush http://www.yelp.com/biz/newsom-seed-fulton - plants for garden - will grow as
large as 72" tall by 72" wide, and will bloom from early
spring through late summer.
The Buddleia Flutterby Lavender Nectar Bush produces densely
branched plants with two-tone, lavender blooms: darker prior to opening
and richly colored with lighter centers in summer. This compact-growing
series features gray-green foliage and continuous blooming from early
summer until frost. Drought- and heat-tolerant, it can reach up to
60" in height and width. The Flutterby Petite Lavender groundcover
will grow up to 36" high.
The Buddleia Flutterby Petite Blue Heaven, with its fuzzy silverfoliage and beautiful blue flowers, blooms from early spring until latesummer. This spreading http://www.yelp.com/biz/newsom-seed-fulton - herbs to grow inside - groundcover requires six hours of sun and willgrow to a height and width of 30".The Double Delights Perfection Hydrangea displays colorful blooms
from summer to fall. With beautiful pink-rose to blue flowers against
dark green foliage, the mounded plants require partial sun and are
suitable in landscapes or containers. They will achieve a height of
24"-36" and a width of 36"-60".
The Double Delights Star Gazer Hydrangea offers a collection of
double blooms for more flower power. This lacecap hybrid has large
flowers with blue centers and white picotee edges against dark green to
green foliage. Requiring less pruning, this low-maintenance plant is
suitable for shade gardens or containers.
The Double Delights Wedding Gown Hydrangea is earlier to bloom than
other Hydrangeas and will reflower until frost. With stunning white
double blooms against dark green to mid-green foliage, it also is
suitable for shade gardens, and makes a lovely container plant.
Next Generation Hydrangeas offer exciting new color http://www.yelp.com/biz/newsom-seed-fulton - garden in pots - combinations.
The reblooming, mounded Pistachio variety features extraordinary flowers
with variable coloration, while the Wedding Ring selection gives a
vibrant display of bicolor blooms against dark green foliage from early
spring until late fall. New breeding allows both to have stronger stems
and greater tolerance to disease and their low maintenance makes them
perfect accents in the landscape or containers.
The Hydrangea Paniculata Fire and Ice is an upright variety with
creamy white blooms in early summer that turn deep red come autumn. Its
unique green-red foliage is enjoyed all season in this brilliant garden
standout. This shade and heat-tolerant, mounded shrub is the perfect
accent or border plant for beds and foundation landscape and can achieve
a height of up to 10'. The Paniculata Bombshell, on the other hand,
offers a dwarf growth habit. Well-branched and covered in white flowers
against dark green foliage from early summer until frost, this cultivar
has more flowers per plant than any other Hydrangea paniculata and needs
little pruning to keep it compact and tidy.
The Ligustrum Sinense Sunshine (or Sunshine Privet) features bright
golden foliage when in full sun throughout the growing season, with gold
and orange overtones in winter. Drought- and heat-tolerant, and
resistant to deer, it has a round growth habit that is suitable for
topiary, and makes an excellent border, filler, or landscape plant that
also can be used in containers. Growing to a height of 5', the
privet needs no pruning and does not produce seed.
Perovskia Atriplicifolia Lacey Blue is a compact variety (up to
18" in height) of Russian Sage and features large flowers and
scented foliage in July and August. Easy to grow and drought-tolerant,
this plant performs well in full sun and well-drained soil. Useful in
borders, landscapes, and mixed containers, it should be cut back to a
few inches from the ground in spring.
Physocarpus Opulifolius Lemon Candy, with white blooms in spring,
showcases rich, chartreuse foliage straight through fall. Its compact
habit makes it excellent for foundation and shrub border use, or for
large containers.
The spring-blooming Weigala makes a great accent in borders, garden
beds, or large/mixed containers. Merlot Rose has richly hued rose
flowers on dark silver-bronze foliage, whereas the Wings of Fire variety
features red to white flowers and green leaves that turn a gorgeous red
in autumn. These compact plants grow best in full sun.
For more information on the wide variety of plants and vegetables
offered by Ball Horticultural, as well as planting tips and other
supports, visit www.ballhort.com.