Has my translocation come back to haunt me?

Well baby boy is here and nearly 3 months old already. He's a good baby. He is still 100% breastfed and sleeps through the nights although I don't!

About a week or so ago I noticed what appeared to be a 2nd pee hole on Parkies wee wee. Met with my Doc and he reffered us to childrens. Parker may have hypospadia and I have been reading and know that there is some correlation between severe hypospladia and a robertsonian translocation which I believe is the translocation my DS gal pal Noeash has....

So we don't get to see the nurologist until nov! I may call and try to get in sooner.

My poor baby I pray that my translocation does not end up affecting either of my boys in a negitive way!



Hi, I know your journal entry was from last year, but I was just wondering how things turned out for your baby boy. I too, am a balanced translocation carrier of 13:14, hope everything turned out ok.