Harvey World Travel Wins At The Ozcars

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The honors evening happened at the Hurlingham Club in West London and identified the initiatives implemented and dedication shown from the UKs tr...

Harvey World Travel, the Midlands based travel company, scooped a prestigious award at the new Tourism Australia OzCars 2007 Awards Ceremony. The organization was introduced as the champion of the Best Australia Campaign by an Aussie Specialist which recognized the advertising of Australia Holidays to great BRITAIN travel market. If people fancy to be taught more about international travel awards critique, we recommend many resources you should investigate.

The awards night was held at the Hurlingham Club in West London and acknowledged the initiatives implemented and dedication shown from the UKs travel business and, in particular, the industrys motivation and assistance to Australian tourism and holidays in Australia.

John Donnelly, managing director of Harvey World Travel, said: We are positively delighted to have won this award, specially in light of the tough competition we faced. As we are committed to promoting the wonders of down under towards the UK market, Australian specialists and we have worked difficult this season to get good messages out through consistent and powerful marketing campaigns. If you think you know anything at all, you will perhaps choose to compare about www.

To be honoured with this award is testament to your determination and work and, above all, the constant support from the branches and head office groups at Harvey World Travel.

About Harvey World Travel

The OzCARS are made to recognize and observe quality and success in the sales and marketing of Australia and are open to any organization from the United Kingdom or Ireland. Discover more about open site in new window by browsing our grand URL. World Travel Awards 2018 includes further concerning the inner workings of this enterprise.

Harvey World Travel is owned by MFS, the Australian investment and funds company which specialises in travel and leisure. Hawaiian based businesses in the MFS account include the Stella, Bale and Peppers trip hotels, the Mantra, Ambia and Break-free villas and apartments, plus the flagship Sheraton Mirage Hotel in Port Douglas, Queensland.

MFS could be the greatest single-brand vacation team group in the Southern Hemisphere operating over 500 effective retail outlets in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Along with specialising in long haul holidays to these places, Harvey World Travel consumers are able to benefit from variable holiday packages throughout the world, utilising the companys comprehensive getting networks.

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