Harver Health Insurance Group Tokyo News: Home health aide sentenced to 3 years in prison

A home health aide has been sentenced to three years in prison for Medicaid fraud. He admitted submitting hundreds of phony claims to Medicaid for services he never performed.

The suspect is Anatoli Rountsev, a 53 year old living in Totowa, New Jersey. He is one of the six employees from the Confident Care Corporation caught in the scam.

Confident Care Corporation of Hackensack provides care and services to individuals in their homes. The firm is an ideal alternative to an institutionalized living for seniors and disabled because they know that most people prefer to be taken care of at home. They care for those who demand short-term and long-term assistance. Furthermore, people of different ages and socioeconomic status can use their services.

They also have ten satellite offices all over New Jersey, as well as offices in Florida.

The amount that the investigators say Medicaid paid for the phony claims was $12,598. Acting Attorney General John J. Hoffman states that the suspect should pay the said amount in restitution under the sentence imposed.

The 53-year-old Rountsev admitted in December that he'd charged Medicaid 463 times from January 2008 to June 2009 for patients he never saw because he was working another unrelated job during that time.

Edward A. Jerejian, a judge on the Vicinage 2 Superior Court in New Jersey said that Rountsev must return the money in addition to serving time.

The professionals who coordinated the investigation are Deputy Attorney General Jordan D. Mamorsky, Detective Kylie Mattis and Analyst B'leia Williams.

Harver Group Health Insurance suggests that the public must report a suspected fraud by calling the local authorities, and always be aware of fraudsters and their strategies. You can also read old posts from our website to learn more about fraud and the damages it may cause to you.