Harry Potter Food Magic for Fun and Parties

Dinah Bucholzs book, The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook, brings the magical world of Harry Potter to life with more than 150 recipes inspired by J.K. Rowlings Harry Potter series. The cookbook provides an opportunity to add depth and real-world meaning to the stories children love, while enhancing their creativity in the kitchen.Bringing the Harry Potter Stories to LifeThere is no better way to bring stories to life than by incorporating ideas and activities from childrens stories into real life. Most children love to help cook in the kitchen, especially if they are encouraged from a young age. In preschool, children read The Little Red Hen and follow it up by baking bread themselves. In grade school, Stone Soup comes to life when children make their own version of stone soup.Connecting fictional books to the real world through crafts and cooking is not just for young children. Incorporating activities from books into daily activities or special projects adds depth and meaning to the stories. It brings the stories to life with real world understanding, taking the stories out of the flat, two-dimensional pages. This is just as true for older kids, teens and adults as it is for young children.Every recipe in The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook is inspired by and closely connected to one of J.K. Rowlings books. Not only does Bucholz include the book, chapter and quote where each food is mentioned, she details how the dish is related and why it is important (see Review: The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz for more information).Using the cookbook as a guide, older children and teens can explore the magical world of Harry Potter through food, culture and tradition. With the help of teen siblings or adults, young children can also explore the magical foods so central to the Harry Potter stories.Exploring the Cultural Traditions of British FoodsKids often find it difficult to try new foods, especially when it comes to cultural differences in traditional cuisine. You probably wont find your kids too willing to try Hagrids teeth-breaking rock cakes, his beef and talon casserole or the fudge that glues Fangs mouth together. However, traditional British foods such as Bath Buns, Rock Cakes with a traditional cuppa tea, Crumpets, Beef Stew and Herb Dumplings, Shepherds Pie and Rhubarb Crumble with Custard Sauce are much more appealing. http://www.citychefsolutions.com.au/ - kitchen porters - Take this opportunity to teach kids about traditional British comfort foods. Discuss the history of these great foods and why they are so important to the culture. How are the foods different from that of the childs own culture? What are the similarities? Have the kids imagine what it would be like being accustomed to traditional British foods and trying an American family-favorite dish for the first time.Incorporate other aspects of British culture as well. Go beyond food and delve into the other traditions, customs and history. Have the kids make charts or collages of the similarities and differences between their cultural traditions and those of the British. Are there also similarities apparent in the world of Harry Potter and Hogwarts?Harry Potter Themed Birthday, Halloween and Teen PartiesWith the help of The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook and a little imagination, Harry Potter themed parties come together like magic. Start off with Harrys First Birthday Cake served with Classic Vanilla Ice Cream or Brown Bread Ice Cream; or forget the traditional birthday cake and ice cream and go with Knickerbocker Glory or Petunias Pudding (English Strawberry Trifle).Fill a punch bowl with Eggnog for Kids or Pumpkin Juice. Fill treat bags with goodies such as Any Nut Nut Brittle, Acid Drops, Fizzy Sherbet Pouches and Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate Truffles. Let the kids make Sugar Mice and Peppermint Creams either before or during the party. This is a great activity for kids of all ages.Transform your home into Hogwarts for Halloween. Have the kids make decorations and help cook their favorite Harry Potter foods, complete with party favors and treat bags. Do not forget to make labels for all the magical foods, using the proper Hogwarts name. Try The Unofficial Harry Potter Sweet Shoppe Kit for more ideas and recipes to include, such as Crunchy Cockroaches, Chocolate Cauldrons and broom-handled molded lollipops.Throw a Harry Potter cooking party with teens dressed as their favorite J.K. Rowling characters. Parents need only to supply the cookbook, the ingredients and the kitchen space, and then let them have free range of the kitchen to conjure up some magical foods, along with a few magical messes they can clean up afterwards. Complete the party with an all-night Harry Potter movie marathon.Photos Malysa Stratton Louk. All rights reserved. Photos may not be copied, borrowed, altered or reproduced in any way, either electronically or in print, without prior written permission from the copyright holder.Sources: href='http://suite101.com/cooking-with-kids-harry-potter-food-magic-for-fun-and-parties-a378206' - http://suite101.com/cooking-with-kids-harry-potter-food-magic-for-fun-and-parties-a378206 -