Hard Evidence

I think this what lawyers call hard evidence Last night I went to ex's house to collect S to take him to Scouts. In the children's presence ex said to me " you don't have to worry about paying for school, I have paid everything" I asked her what exactly did she pay. She said everything. I said " thats great" I then asked if she paid for camp ($280) - she said "yes everything is all paid" I said that I had already paid for items that have to be paid with the exception being  payment for the  camp. I said all other amounts are voluntary contributions. I also said to her that she needed to only pay half. She said she had paid half of everything including the camp. I said, "so you paid $140 for the camp, thats great as I was planning to pay the $280 next week. Now I only have to pay $140". She said yes thats right. I then said that as the other amounts are voluntary you don't have to pay them at all. She responded by saying that she thought she would pay everything while she had money. I ended the conversation at that point - she seemed very happy with herself. I rang the High School at 11.20am today and spoke with the Accounts Manager. The accounts manager said there was no record of any money being paid against D account for anything other than the items I had paid for. The last receipt issued for for payment was on Friday 5 Feb being for $60 for two school shirts paid for by my credit card. All other payments for D's account were made by my credit and I hold all receipts. I asked the accounts manager whether any money could have been paid by ex for D's fees and camp and the record was elsewhere. She said that if there is no record against D's account then no money has been paid. Any reciepts issued are linked to the student's account profile and receipts must be issued when money is paid.