Happy sweet treats tuesday! :) sweet healing, treats, and nature joys :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday!!! :) iced coffee cheers!!! and happy treats smiles :) We're enjoying a super sweet, and peacefully relaxing day! :) my mom's continuing to heal well. :) i treated her today to a nice frozen yogurt fruit parfait. :) She enjoyed her treat, and is so happy. :) She's very thankful to be home. :) we enjoyed getting treats today. :) my mom and i looked at the plants in our front yard. :) She loves seeing the flowers. :) She's began to take her new medicines she got, and is in such great spirits. :) We're very proud of her. :) i did some deep nature, and gardening exploring today. :) i spotted some bluejays, and a beautiful blue butterfly visiting our yard, and gardens. :) i took lots and lots of new nature and gardening pictures to share. :) We also had a COOL garden visitor today that wanted me to share my iced coffee! :) hehe! :) i had some fresh garden grown string beans with my lunch today. :) We're feeling a wonderful peaceful balance within. :) with my mom home, it feels like home again. :) Tomorrow's super wednesday! :) the ghost hunters party is on! :)
my mom enjoyed a nice treat today, a frozen yogurt parfait with fruit and granola. :) awww! :) It's a beautiful day, enjoying peaceful relaxation, and my mom's continuing to feel better. :) She's gained this amazing energy boost since returning home on sunday, and her spirit is soaring all around our house. :) our home truly feels like home again with my mom home. :) She's in great spirits. :) She's continuing to take very good care, resting. :) We've been keeping such a very close eye on her to make sure she's resting. :) Today my mom joined my sister Lisa and i for a car ride over to mcdonalds. :) my mom was so excited about getting a treat. :) i said, "mom, i'll treat you to any treat you'd like" :) awww! :) we looked at the menu, my mom selected a nice frozen yogurt parfait with fruit and granola, and my sister Lisa and i got some iced coffees, and i bought 3 chocolate chip cookies. :) the cookies are sweet dunk-a-licious! :) we love sweet treats tuesday :) we've been enjoying our treats today, and just taking in some beautiful moments of pure rest, and relaxation. :) thinking back to last tuesday, and all we've been through the past 7 days, and past month, it's been a journey, but we're feeling so very extremely blessed, each day, to be in these very nice peaceful times now, with my mom on the mend, and her dedicated, and determined to fully heal. :) we've been thinking of you and your family's often too. :)
Today on the way to mcdonalds, my mom said, "how are our friends?" :) awww! :) i've been updating my mom on how everyone's doing. :) You all always have a very special place in our hearts. :) i share all of your beautiful comments, hugs, messages, and heart-felt prayers and well wishes with my mom, and family. :) We always feel your wonderful prescence with us. :) You're our guardian angels. :) We're with you all in spirit too. :) when we came home today from our car ride, my mom and i were checking our plants near our front steps, and looked over toward to the bird feeders/gardening area. :) i said, "mom, look at that 7 foot tall sunflower!" :) She said, "i love the flowers, especially those little orange flowers" (nasturiums) :) awww! :) i said, "it's great to have you home again" :) we've been enjoying nice quality time together. :) my mom's really feeling so much more energized, and also very spirited. :) Today she was talking with me, about how she would love to go to Cove's Market in Mystic, CT to get some clam fritters! :) awww! :) She's had a craving for them. :) She's continuing to take very good care. :) She began to take her new medicine today, to treat her ulcers. She also has pain medicine too. She's kept nice water bottle with her at times, just incase she needs to cough. the water helps her. when she coughs, she feels discomfort in her stomach where she had the surgery, and with the stitches there, it's very delicate. She tries to prevent from coughing. She's so strong, and brave. :) She's amazing, all she's been through, and even today, she was talking about how she wants to cook a nice lunch for Kayla and Taylynn. :) awww! :)
Here at home, with my mom resting comfortably, life is slowly getting back to nice normal pace. :) we're helping around the house, and keeping strong together, and in great spirits. :) my mom has a doctor's appointment in 2 weeks for a check-up. her breathing tube the hospital gave her, she's been checking her breathes, and her breathes has returned to much more normal level now. :) it's a wonderful blessing. :) the doctor's gave her this breathing tube that she blows breathe into, and it measures and monitors her lungs strength of breathe, and she's been getting really good ratings. :) it's another wonderful sign, that my dear, and lovely mom is well on her way, to a full recovery. :) i tell her often, about how many friends have mentioned, they too have had gallbladder surgery, and they have fully recovered. :) it gives us wonderful strength, and hope. :) as my mom recovers, we want her to rest a lot, so that her recovery will be fully. :) i said to her today, "the more rest, the quicker you'll be fully healed" :) our friend Sharon has been visiting, and also helping out. :) we want to take this time, to thank our friend Sharon. :) She's been with us also, through all of this the past month, and each time my mom was in the hospital, she was there, and she's been checking in to see how my mom's doing. :) it's so nice, and sweet of her. :) She also helped with grocery shopping. :) She's a great friend, and we're very happy, and thankful she's been visiting to help out. :) very soon i want to treat our friend Sharon to a nice coffee. :) with my mom resting, and healing, we're taking the week to rest also, as we've been through so much in recent times. it's so nice, to be at a nice peaceful calm, and resting with my mom home. :) it's a wonderful relief. :)
Over the past few days, i've been doing some really nice deep writing at times, here in my computer room writing area. :) i decorated my writing area on sunday, and i have it all set up, and i've been enjoying writing cards, notes, and letters. :) with my mom home this week, and things nicely settled, and situated with her back home, i thought it would be a great week this week, to really do some wonderful catch up writings, wirting many cards, notes, and letters. :) on wednesday's my mom and i usually go to the post office, but we feel it's best that she take this entire week to be home, to rest fully. :) a week from tomorrow, next wednesday, we believe my mom will be so very much more healed, that she will probably want to be going out here, and there, and shopping all around the stores again, and next week, we'll probably most definitely be able to enjoy a super mega sweet awesome, return to the post office adventure! :) awww! :) my mom wants to write some cards, and notes too. :) She and my dear, and lovely ds mum (bloss) exchange cards and letters through the mail, and i know my mom is so very much looking forward to writing Julie (bloss) a card and letter. :) i've been writing  new letter to mum and her family too. :) i also have been writing some nice touch base note cards for friends all around the world, and this upcoming weekend, i'd love to take a trip over to walmart with my dad, to buy some more cards stickers, and envelopes :) by next wednesday, we'll have a really huge special delivery to mail all around the world, many cards, notes, and letters. :) we look forward to it. :)
We're enjoying a great day. :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) my mom's continuing to heal well. :) i did some vacuuming today in our living room, and our hallway. :) my mom's been watching some tv, and she really enjoyed her parfait treat. :) She's really excited about healing. :) We're so very happy, thankful, and relieved that she's ok, and that her healing journey has began. :) Today, i enjoyed some nice time in our yard, and gardens. :) i went deep into our gardens today, and took lots and lots of pictures to share. :) enjoying nature walks. :) i spotted the bluejays, and a butterfly visiting. :) we love seeing our wonderful nature animal friends. :) The plants are doing really well. :) we had a COOL guest in the garden today, that cute little rascal Mr. Cool Sunflower! :) awww! :) i found some more cucumbers growing in our garden today. :) very soon, we're going to pick some more tomatoes, and i look forward to making some fresh homemade salsa. :)
Today for lunch, i enjoyed some corn on the cob, and i also boiled some string beans with elbow pasta, and put butterspray on top of the pasta and string beans, and i also had a baked cheese tortilla wrap. :) lunch was delicious! :) i'm going to have some cucumbers slices with my dinner. :) i enjoyed some nice quality time here on DS today, writing to friends, and also enjoyed talks on the phone today with our dear, and lovely friends Maria (Love4You), Jobbie (Jobperson), and Holly. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) i'm feeling a really nice peaceful joy, happiness, and peace within with my mom home. :) tomorrow is super wednesday. :) our friend Holly and i are looking forward to the ghost hunters party. :) i also gonna do some nice writings around the plants and gardens. :) Life is so very wonderful, each day, is a beautiful gift, treasure, blessing, and celebration. :) Tonight, i'm going to enjoy a healthy snack, and going to treat myself to a dvd night. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a good day" :) She says, "i'm feeling a bit better today" :)
my writing area :) i have my writing area all set up, and decorated. :) i love my writing area, so very much. :) i've been dwelving deep into the heart of my writings, writing some nice cards, notes, and letters. :) it's so much fun, and is a pure joy, gift, and treasure to my heart. :) my writing area, is a very special, and peaceful sanctuary in my life. :) i dedicate my writing area, to my dear, and wonderful family and friends. :) i love you all, so very very much! :)

Happy nature, and gardening smiles :) oh my! :) gardens flourishing! :) i went really deep into the heart of our yard, and gardens today. :) as i was, i really felt like i was totally reconnecting with that peaceful joy and wonderful amazement that nature, and gardening brings. :) the past month, been so much on my mind, worrying about my mom, wanting her to be ok, my spirit, energy, and focus with her, and the gardens been there, and at times i've so very much have needed it, and today, for the first time in a while, i could feel my spirit soaring all around those gardens. :) it felt really good to my heart, spirit, and soul, and i thought of you all, as i took each picture. :) You all are always right there with me in spirit. :)
tomatoes! :) we got lots and lots of tomatoes growing in the gardens :)

cucumbers :) we have 2 cucumber plants growing in one of our gardens, and today i found some more cucumbers growing! :) sweet garden surprises :)


roma tomatoes. :) we have clusters and clusters of these tomatoes growing. :)


green bell pepper :)

hot yellow peppers :)


cucumber :)

the gardens are growing wild! :)

i'm not sure if this is a melon plant, or a cucumber plant, it's growing all around the garden! :) it could even be a pumpkin plant! :) hehe! :) awesome time in the gardening season :)

string beans :)

cayenne peppers :)


cucumber plant growing amongst a sunflower :)

radishes plants :)


string beans :)

the plants are very healthy, and happy. :)


huge mammoth sunflower growing :)

tomatoes :)





nasturium dwarf jewel flowers :)

Sunflower power! :) The sunflowers are blossoming so very beautifully. :) where there's a sunflower, there's a smile :)



















tomatoes :)



Nature visitors! :) we had some very special naturr visitors in our yard and gardens today :)
bluejay! :)

butterfly! :)




Here's another picture of my writing area :)

Happy sweet treats tuesday!!! :) We enjoyed a wonderful time going to mcdonalds today to get some sweet treats. :) it's a very special tradition we enjoy so very much. :) i raise my iced coffee, and CHEERS!!! to family, friends, to healing, and to celebrating life :)


Mr. Cool Sunflower!!! :) oh my!!! :) SUNFLOWER!!! :) it's you! it's so nice to see you man! :) "hey Chris man, it's so nice to see you all! :) i'm here in the summer time garden, with a very special welcome home sunny smile for your mom!" :) awww! :) Mr. Cool Sunflower, that is so very nice. :) Thank you. :) "man Chris, it's been some wild times lately, but we all standing strong, tall, and proudly in the garden of life, and we all deserve some fun gardening time, the gardening party's are on!" :) awww! :) Mr. Cool Sunflower, that sounds awesome! :) So Mr. Cool Sunflower, i see you smiling in the garden, enjoying that sunshine! :) You look thirsty! would you like a drink?" man Chris, you know it! is that an iced coffee you got there?" Sunflower, it sure is and i'm sharing with you!" :) thanks Chris man!" :) awww! :) Thank you Sunflower, for the sunny smiles and joy you bring to our days, and our lives" :) So Sunflower, is there anything you'd like to say, "yes man, i would love to say, "keep smiling and shining, and enjoying that sunshine in the garden of life" :) awww! :) Thank you Sunflower! :) You are... COOL!" :)