Happy super wednesday! :) Visit with Grandma, Post Office, Shopping, Gardening, Spirited Summer day!

HAPPY SUPER WEDNESDAY!!! :) oh my! :) oh boy!!! :) We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME DAY!!! :) visit with my lovely grandma! :) Post office adventure! :) Nature Walks! :) Gardening! :) Shopping at home depot! :) and a sweet return home, for our dear, and lovely friend Holly! :) my family and i hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful day! :) i have 2 very special messages, from my grandma, and Holly. :) They say hi to everyone! :) awww! :) i am so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled! :) It's a really nice day today. :) We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Grandma. :) She's doing well, and is so happy we came over for a visit. :) She had some presents, and a cake to give to Kayla and Lisa, for their upcoming birthday's :) The July celebrations are on! :) my grandma's been picking lots of nice tomatoes from her tomato plant, and she also had 2 beautiful Easter lillies blossom in her garden. :) awww! :) We saw a lovely butterfly visiting my garden's patio garden. :) On the way to Grandma's today, we went to the post office. :) SPECIAL DELIVERY! :) my mom and i mailed letters, and Connecticut postcards! :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our home to yours. :) It's a really spirited summer day. :) my dad and i went shopping at home depot this afternoon. :) We bought 5 more bags of soil, 2 bamboo plants, and some sealer for our 2nd bird bath. :) i've been enjoying some nature walks, i tended our plants, and transplanted 3 sunflowers into one of our gardens :) The gardening season is rocking and rolling! :) my friend Holly called me yesterday evening, from her HOME! :) She's HOME! :) awww! :) She's resting comfortably. :) We're gonna watch ghost hunters tonight. :) There's lots of peaceful joys, blessings aplenty, and summer spirit in the air. :) i made a nice iced coffee, and a delicious lunch today. :) my dad and i are going to do some more gardening tomorrow. :) July gardening! :) it's a day of summer adventures! :) Celebrating a sweet spirited summer day, with family, friends, and nature. :) Tonight, the ghost hunters party is on! :) whooo! :)
SPIRIT SOARING EXCITEMENT!!! :) a beautiful summer day!!! :) my family and i hope everyone is enjoying the day. :) i have lots to share in my journal today. :) a sweet visit with my grandma, Holly's return home! :) Plus, post office adventure, nature, and gardens growing wild! :) It's a great day, of wonderful joy, happiness, and peace. :) there's Connecticut postcards on their way to friends, all around the world, as we enjoyed a super mega sweet awesome, spirited summer blossoming roads, super wednesday post office adventure. :) i am smiling and smiling! :) i have 2 very special messages, from my lovely grandma, and lovely friend Holly. :) They both say hi! :) awww! :) yesterday evening, i recieved a sweet phone call, from my friend Holly. :) She said, "i'm home!" :) awww! :) She has returned home, after her parents took her to pick up her prescriptions at the pharmacy. :) Holly and i enjoyed a nice talk. :) my family and i are so happy, thankful, and relieved, that she is ok, and is home. :) Holly and i are getting ready for a fun ghost hunters party tonight! :) We're gonna watch an episode. :) many thanks, for your wonderfully continued comforting, and uplifting well wishes, thoughts, prayers, and incredible support. :)
VISIT WITH GRANDMA! :) POST OFFICE! :) AND NATURE GARDEN GROWING WILD!!! :) We're enjoying such a wonderful day today. :) Lots of great things going on, and many very special memories being made. :) The summer season is in full swing! :) i've been having a big writing week, and nature garden week. :) The plants growing, and flourishing so nicely, and all of that wholesome heart warming spirit of summer in the air. :) recently, my mom and dad found Connecticut postcards at the surplus unlimited store. :) it's a very special find, and i've been looking forward to sending ct postcards. :) i've been setting up, decorating my writing area, and writing letters, and postcards. :) it's such a sweet joy, for the first time, i've written postcards, it's a very spirited, and enjoyable experience. :) i get so excited, and thrilled, knowing that the treasures will bring lots of nice joy, happiness, and many smiles across the miles, from our home to yours. :)
i've been talking to my mom, about how i've been looking forward to mailing my first postcard. :) we love corresponding with family and friends online, through the mail, and on the phone. :) Your friendsships are a very special joy, gift, treasure, and blessing. :) We feel your wonderful love, care, support, and encouragement each and every day. :) The evening and night yesterday, was rocking and rolling. :) i recieved that sweet phone call from my friend Holly. :) She said her cats Zach and Patches were so excited to see her, they were giving her hugs! :) awww! :) the joy in Holly's voice, knowing that she is home, and healing, she has all of her medicines, and is keeping in such great spirits. :) it's a wonderful blessing, to welcome her home. :) Holly has a walker, that is helping her to be able to go around her home. we were excited, and estatic to talk on the phone with eachother, from her home. :) wishing her continued comfort, healing, peace, and a full recovery. :) i addressed the postcards yesterday evening, i called Holly around 8pm to check in on her, to say hi, and we wished eachother a good night. :) we were talking about ghost hunters today. :)
Last night, i layed down a little earlier, for my movie night. :) i watched "American Reunion" :) oh my! :) i was laughing and laughing! hehe! :) That's a funny movie! i had fun watching the movie, i love my movie nights. :) i was telling my mom today, about how i enjoyed the movie. :) it was really cool, i can't wait to watch it again. :) it was fun going to the walmart yesterday to buy the movie. :) it's a great addition to my dvd collection. :) i have over 300 movies/dvd sets in my collection. :) it grows and grows over the years. :) on amazon, i ordered a movie called "moneyball", it's a baseball movie, about my favorite team, the Oakland A's, and their 2002 season. :) absolutely amazing season they had there. :) i look forward to recieving that movie in the mail, and watching it. :)
This morning, a sweet new morning, rising and shining. :) Good morning summer sun! :) rise and shine! :) we've had some beautifully sunny weather, in the 80's here. :) it's perfect picture taking weather, and great gardening weather. :) i went outside early this morning, for my early morning nature walk. :) i was looking forward to putting goodies all around our yard, and checking in on the plants. :) our nature animal friends, birds, and squirrels, have been going absolutely wild, gathering goodies in our yard, especially the bird santuary area. :) it's so cute, and adorable to see them. :) i want to take some new picture of them soon. :) our plants continue to flourish so nicely. :) They are growing wild! :) i'm going to be weeding our gardens soon, and also going to be doing some more gardening. :) i love that spirit of summer gardening season. :) The birds sing happily to serenade us into the new day. :) such a sweet day, to enjoy a beautiful sunrise, and a great way to begin a new summer day. :)
my family and i were so excited about the day! :) we had 2 big adventures planned, post office, and visiting with my grandma. :) around early morning, we were all set, and ready for our adventure. :) i had my wonderful treasures with me, and felt nicely focused, and at peace, ready to begin our day of adventures. :) You all are always right there with us in spirit during our adventures, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angels. :) We were all set, and ready to rock and roll, and sweet stroll the summer time roads! :) Post office! :) Grandma's home! :) HERE WE COME! :) we began our super fun adventures. :) my sister Lisa drove. :) Kayla, Taylynn, and Alyssa came with us. :) we were gonna go to the post office first, and then going to grandma's home for a nice visit. :)
We were enjoying a nice talk, as we cruised the sweet spirited summer time blossoming roads. :) we drove past the malerba's farm, golf course, and the peaceful pond. :) Malerba's farm's season is in full swing, they got lots of flowers plants, and beginning to sell lots of goodies there at the farmstand, fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, and pies. :) they also got corn, and soon lots of native tomatoes. :) we love seeing all of the nice plants there, and it reminds me of our fun adventure shopping there during spring time when we bought some plants there. :) Sweet memories being made, all throughout the season. :) as we were driving past the peaceful pond, i looked for the ducks, i didn't see them, but saw lots of wildflowers, and all of the trees glowing that summer time spirit. :) it's a beautiful nature sanctuary. :)
We continued our adventure to the post office. :) we saw some more wildflowers. :) i felt deeply in tune with the day, and my focus. :) all the focus i need when going to the post office, is focusing on family and friends smiling when they recieve their mail. :) That's a pure gift, and treasure to my heart. :) we approached closer to the post office. :) we arrived, and parked our car. :) it wasn't busy there. :) my mom and i walked into the post office, and lined up. :) it's so nice, to be in there, to feel so relaxed, calm, and at peace. :) i knew, i was in that sweet calm relaxing, and peacefully confidence soaring zone. :) it feels so natural. :) the worker called us up, she's so nice, and sweet. :) my mom and i said hi to her. :) She said hi to us. :) social interaction! :) social interaction, and public speaking helps me so much, it helps build up my foundation of confidence. :) You all have helped me make it this far into my therapy. :) i'm very blessed. :) i said to the worker, "we'd like 7 International Stamps, and 4 US stamps please" :)
The experience was going really well. :) The worker handed me the stamps, some of the stamps were flour themed. :) so nice! :) i handed the money to the worker, and she handed me the change, and receipt. :) my mom and i thanked the worker, and she wished us a nice day, and we wished her a nice day. :) my mom and i walked over to the mailing box area, i put the stamps on the postcards, and envelopes, and i then put the letters, and postcards into the mailing box. :) special delivery! :) awww! :) it was a great post office experience, i really rocked it this week with my writings. :) i am so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled about the letters, and postcards we mailed. :) they are on their way, to friends all around the world, bringing lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our home to yours. :) i felt such a nice sense of accomplishment, and thanked my mom and Lisa for taking me to the post office. :) it's so nice, and sweet of them. :) it was time to VISIT GRANDMA! :)
VISIT WITH GRANDMA! :) we took the nice backroads route to my grandma's home. :) we were enjoying a nice talk, and car ride. :) we arrived at grandma's, she was so happy to see us! :) awww! :) we're so happy to see her! :) She waved to us, as we began to walk over to her front door. :) We noticed her tomato plant is doing so well, and her Easter lillies flowers blossomed. :) my grandma welcomed us with smiles, hugs, and gave us each a kiss on our cheek! :) awww! :) She's so nice, and sweet. :)
We all gathered in Grandma's kitchen. :) my grandma is doing really well. :) She says hi to everyone. :) We brought her a daily number lottery ticket, her favorite numbers, 807. :) The ticket is good for a whole week. :) my grandma loves watching the nightly numbers lottery drawings. :) We were gathered around, enjoying a nice visit. :) on my grandma's tablet, she set up nice presents, and a happy birthday cake, for Kayla and Lisa. :) It's so wonderful of her. :) my grandma loves to buy us presents, and cakes. :)
We were enjoying such a nice visit, talking about summer time. :) These are such very special times, spending quality time together. :) we love visiting grandma. :) She's been enjoying her movies. :) She has movie nights just like me. :) my mom said she sometimes lays down early around 4pm, to watch movies all evening. :) it's so nice. :) we love browsing around amazon for my grandma's favorite classic movies. :) She has a wonderful collection. :) We visited for a bit, and it was so nice. :) my grandma was telling us about her 2 beautiful Easter lilly flowers that blossomed in her garden, and she also has a nice plateful of tomatoes she's been picking. :) We enjoyed such a wonderful visit. :) my grandma gave us all a nice hug, and kiss on our cheeks, and we told her we'll be visiting again very soon. :) We love seeing her. :) we waved to eachother, and began our journey home. :) We enjoyed a nice car ride. :) The morning was filled with wonderful adventures, a nice visit with grandma, and post office adventure. :) The summer season is in full swing, and there's lots of great things going on, and many special memories being made. :)
PRAYERS REQUEST. my family and i have a prayers request, for our dear, and lovely friend's Maria (Love4You), her husband Lionel, and their family. Maria's husband Lionel is going to be having eye surgery tomorrow. please keep Maria, Lionel, and their family in your thoughts and prayers, and please also continue to keep our dear, and lovely friend Holly in your thoughts and prayers and send healing energy for them. Thank you everyone, so very much. big group comforting hug :)
We're enjoing a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME DAY! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) my mom had an appointment late afternoon, she got great test results for 2 of her 3 tests. her blood sugar is ok, and her blood pressure is fine :) We're so happy, thankful, and relieved. :) but, her cholesterol level needs to go lower. She's gonna work hard to get her cholesterol level back to normal level. :) HOME DEPOT SHOPPING ADVENTURE! :) my dad and i went shopping at home depot this afternoon. :) We love going to the gardening center there. :) my dad and i cruised over to home depot, and had a fun time shopping. :) we browsed around the garden center, it was awesome! :) we saw lots of plants, we bought 5 more bags of soil for our plants, and gardens. :) we also bought 2 bambook plants. :) They're on sale, for $2.98. :) we're gonna try to grow some more bamboo. :) my dad and i went into the store, we asked if they had any cement sealer, to seal our 2nd bird bath. :) we have a 2nd bird bath out in our yard, near the peach tree. :) we bought some cement sealer to fix a leak in the bird bath. it was nice going shopping. :) it was a sweet mid-day shopping adventure. :) my dad and i are very excited about planting our corn plants. :) This afternoon, i transplanted 3 of our new sunflower plants into the garden on the side of our addition. :) they get lots of nice sunshine in that area. :) i'm going to do some weeding in our gardens tomorrow, to freshen up our gardens. :) The season is really rocking and rolling. :) We love summer time gardening. :) i gave our plants another nice watering this afternoon. :) the plants, gardens, wow! :) it's just incredible. :) we've planted a gardening paradise out there, and it's so special to us, getting to share, and celebrate the summer gardening season with everyone. :)
Today for lunch, i enjoyed a ham and cheese tortilla wrap, clams, oysters, and corn on the cob. :) lunch was delicious! :) it's a day of super fun adventures! :) post office adventure, visiting grandma, nature walks, gardening, home depot shopping adventure. :) It's a wonderful spirit soaring day. :) my dad and i are going to transplant our corn plants tomorrow. :) i'd also love to transplant a few more sunflowers to our bird feeders/gardening area. :) it's gonna be a big gardening day. :) we're all stocked up on nice organic soil, and top soil. :) i look forward to sharing our big gardening day with everyone. :) ghost hunters international was on syfy channel today, i watched the episodes from time to time. :) Tonight Holly and i are going to watch ghost hunters. :) The ghost hunters party is on! :) whoo! :) i made a nice iced coffee today. :) CHEERS!!! to family, friends, and to celebrating life. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) tonight, i'm going to have some watermelon, iced water, and going to watch ghost hunters. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone had a good day" :) awww! :) my mom had an appointment late afternoon, she got great test results for 2 of her 3 tests. her blood sugar is ok, and her blood pressure is fine :) We're so happy, thankful, and relieved. :) but, her cholesterol level needs to go lower. She's gonna work hard to get her cholesterol level back to normal level. :) We love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends. :) We hope everyone is enjoying a super mega sweet awesome day. :)
i dedicate all of my pictures, to my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) You all inspire me to enjoy celebrating each day to the fullest. :)
SUMMER GARDEN!!! :) Whoooo! :) it's sweet classic, and golden summer time! :) the gardening season is rocking and sweet rolling! :) Lots of flowers, fruits, and vegetables all growing, and flourishing, this delightful and brightful summer day, bringing lots and lots of nice nature, gardening joy, and happiness aplenty. :) we did some gardening today, nature walks, and sweet spirit dancing in the gardens. :) It's such a wonderfully fun, exciting, and wholesome time of the year. :) Sunny greeting, from the garden! :)
SUNFLOWERS! :) The sunflowers are blossoming brightful and delightful! :) We've got our 3rd sunflower blossoming! :) This is such a sweet nature and gardening joy :)

COSMOS! :) Our cosmos flowers are blossoming all around. :)This is incredible! :) the sunny gardening days of summer are here. :)

CUCUMBER! :) This is a picture of the huge cucumber growing. :) We're gonna pick the cucumber soon. :)

Holly's Marigolds! :) This is a picture of 3 marigolds plants growing in the planter that our dear, and lovely friend Holly sent me 2 years ago. :) i mentioned to Holly, that there's marigolds growing in the planter. :) i said, "they are dedicated to you" :) awww! :)

Huge sunflower! :) Sunflower named dad. :) Growing toward the sweet summer sky! :)

Yellow squash plants. :) flourishing nicely. :)

Morning Glorys. :) our morning glorys plants are growing nicely. :) very soon, they'll be growing amongst the raspberry truellis. :)

Cabbage plants. :) Growing very hearty :)

Pumpkin plants. :) our pumpkin plants are growing absolutely wild! :)

Ladybug in the garden! :) Happy nature smiles :)



Hi Chris Glad you had a nice day today filled with lots of adventures.Glad your mom and Grandma and Holly are all doing well.Happy you and your family had a great visit with your Grandma today. Loved your photos of nature this evening.The sunflowers and other plants are really blooming and growing now.They all are very beautiful! Thanks for all my great hugs today.Enjoy your Ghost Hunters tonight. Hugs to everyone-Stephanie

Dearest Chris... Sounds like you had really nice day with a mix of EVERYTHING THAT YOU LOVE!!! Those plants continue to look really great and I love the color of that cosmo!! The deep burgundy color is just so pretty!!!

It\'s also so wonderful that you got to visit Grandma as well!! I\'m sure she loves your visits!!! It also is so great to be able to take a ride past so many of your FAV roads... Your area is just so picturesque!!! I simply LOVE the historic buildings and such...

Long day for me, but I feel like I accomplished a great deal... I can really tell I did allot because I am tired tonight!!! It\'s a good tired though and tomorrow will be a day on the farm which I\'m really looking forward to spending...

Lov to you and everyone in CT!! Have a SUPER DUPER EVENING!!! xoxoxo Cj

PS: Soooooooooo glad you enjoyed your new movie!!! I love the kinds that you like to watch over and over again!!!

what a busy day you had!!! i am so glad you had such a good post office experience and sch a nice visit with your grandma. i am glad holly is home. may she continue to get better. i am also glad you enjoyed the movie. we want to see it too though it doesnt come on netflix for another couple of weeks. anywho, have a great day!!!! great pics too :-)

Dear Chris, Thank you so much for all your wonderful support and
especially for all your prayers.You have a very special place in my heart.
Your sunflowers are very beautiful, love all your pictures...:)
Sending best wishes your way (((Hugs))) and Love, Maria