Happy super wednesday! :) Post office, Nature, Sunny Greetings from the Peaceful Pond! :)

Happy super wednesday!!! :) oh my! :) SWEET HEAVENLY NATURE!!! :) We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME DAY!!! :) with the golden summer sun and nature shining! :) we cruised the sweet summer time roads, for a SUPER NATURE POST OFFICE ADVENTURE!!! :) very special delivery! :) from our home, to yours, sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles! :) awww! :) i am so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled! :) my mom and i enjoyed a super fun, and super sweet, nature spirit soaring post office adventure! :) it went very well! :) i was confidently in that sweet calm relaxing, and spirit confidence soaring zone! :) i had social interaction! :) public speaking! :) we rocked it!!! :) whoooo! :) i am smiling and smiling! :) We mailed 10 postcards, and 2 cards :) this was awesome!!! :) i had an incredible writing week, and i'm ready for some more writing! :) hehe! :) i love it!!! :) PEACEFUL GLOWING NATURE! :) on the way home from the post office, we parked right next to the peaceful pond! :) i took 2 sweet pictures! :) 1 picture shows the peaceful pond, the 2nd picture shows a Swan swimming! :) awww! :) This was super cool! :) it's a gorgeous sunny summer day here in ct. :) We're enjoying the spirit of the day. :) i am so very happy, and thrilled about many things. :) i've been enjoying nature walks, tending the plants, taking pictures, i got ghost hunters episodes on, and so very into the spirited moments, of this beautiful summer day. :) Lots of great things going on, and many very special memories being made. :) my family and i recieved a lovely, very special, and beautifully heart warming treasure, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy (Tipperspal), Danny, and their wonderful family :) aww! :) i cooked a healthy lunch, i sure do love those baked sweet potatoes. :) i'm thrilled about being on a great balanced track with my healthy eating. :) Each day, is such a sweet joy, and pure wonderful blessing. :) Thank you so much, for celebrating summer adventures with us. :) celebrating a great day, with family and friends. :) Tonight, the ghost hunters party is on! :) Whooo! :)
SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME, SWEET NATURE SPIRITED, SUPER WEDNESDAY POST OFFICE ADVENTURE!!! :) oh my! :) very special delivery coming your way!!! :) awww! :) on the way home from the post office today, i said to my mom and Lisa, "i'm so happy we mailed nice cards today" :) awww! :) i am smiling and smiling! :) right there, there's 10 Connecticut postcards, and 2 cards on their way to friends, ALL AROUND THE WORLD!!! :) bringing very special friendship love, joy, happiness, and spirted peace, with lots of smiles :) this is an amazing day, and a sweet writing week, nature walk, summer time is rocking and rolling! :) whooo! :) i have 2 VERY COOL PICTURES to share with everyone. :) on the way home from the post office, we parked next to the peaceful pond, and spotted the swan! :) i took a picture of the swan, and the peaceful pond, as the sun was rising way up into the sky, bringing those sweet golden beams!!! of sunshine upon the pond. :) Sweet heavenly nature, at it's most peaceful, and beautiful best. :) this is so nice! :)
We sure do love our post office adventures. :) i am smiling so much! :) i can't stop smiling! :) hehe! :) i had such a nice writing week, and so delighted, about these very special cards. :) Over the past month, i've been having so much fun, with writing these nice cards, nature and gardening adventures, taking in the beautiful moments of the season. :) These are the golden days of the summer season. :) yesterday evening, shortly before 8pm, i went outside as the sun was just about fully set, and i was looking at the plants, i saw our corn plants, and thought about how earlier in the day, that cute, and adorable baby butterfly was on one of the corn plants leaves, and thought about how amazing it was, to see those sweet nature sights, being in the wonderfully joyful and spirited moments, of nature peace, happiness, and excitement. :) it's an incredible feeling. :) We've had many many wonderful nature animal friends, visiting throughout the season. :) just before coming back indoors, i saw our snowball bush blossoms, and thought back to earlier in the day, when buzz the bumble bee, Mrs. buzz, and all of the buzzies, and bumble bees were all around the blossoms. :) those sweet moments, become wonderful memories, for our hearts to always cherish and treasure, and the most wonderful joy, is knowing the next day, there's lots more to see, to celebrate, and many more fun times, spirit dancing with nature, in those golden beams of sunshine. :) We love it!!! :) We're so happy, and excited to celebrate these times with you and your family's :) this is lots of fun! :) Thank you all so very much, for celebrating this delightful summer time with us and for your beautiful comments. :) We're so happy, and delighted that everyone enjoys viewing pictures of our plants, and gardens :)
i'm so very happy and excited! :) Enjoying each day to the fullest, with family and friends. :) lots of good times, joyful moments, and sweet memories we'll always have. :) this is great! :) i've been enjoying nature, gardening, and writing. :) i've got my writing area all set up, and decorated with beautiful friendship love, happiness, and peace. :) i love decorating, and setting up all of my writing supplies, and dwelving deep into the heart of my thoughts, writing ct postcards, notes, and enjoying the wonderful excitement, of knowing we'll be going to the post office, our spirited fun adventures. :) it's been so nice, writing these special ct postcards. :) over the course of the past month, and the wonderful joy, and happiness it's brought friends. :) each time a friend mentions that they recieved their card, it warms our hearts, makes us smile, and so very happy and delighted. :) it's a pure gift, and treasure to our hearts, to be able to have the incredible opportunity to correspond with family and friends, online, and through the mail. :)
i've been so very much into my writings. :) i love getting a nice iced coffee on sweet treats tuesday, a big day for me, as i gear up for our super fun adventure. :) sipping iced coffee, writing cards, spending time online, with nature, and watching dvds. :) i love to take a picture of my writing area to share with everyone. :) my writing area is a very special dedication to family and friends. :) very soon, later on this month, i'm going to be decorating my writing area for autumn season. :) There's so much to look forward to celebrating together. :) yesterday, i wrote cards, and a few more ct postcards, got the addresses all set, and was so excited, as i woke up today, with knowing we'd be cruising those sweet summer time roads, with the flowers blossoming, spirit of golden summer sunshine all around, nature in all of it's glory, this beautiful time of the year, and mailing very special treaures. :) i think of you all often as i'm writing, and the beautiful happiness you bring my family and i. :) Your friendships are very special, and precious to us. :) We love you, and adore you and we cherish and treasure your friendships. :)
This morning, a sweet new summer morning, rising and shining. :) i began my day, with a nice nature walk, during the peaceful calm of the early nature morning. :) i love to bring out the big bowl of nice peanuts, and wheat bread. :) i put the goodies all around our yard, as i check in on the plants. :) our nature animal friends love to gather the peanuts and bread. :) i spotted some bluejays this morning, they were swooping down, gathering the goodies. :) They were so happy, as they flew off with the peanuts and bread. :) it's their early morning breakfast feasts! :) awww! :) We had some fog in our area this early morning, but i knew the sun was gonna peek-a-boo!!! through the fog, and shine brightful and delightful, and the plants would be in for a day of spirit dancing in the gardens. :) our plants are doing incredible! :) we have flowers blossoming all around. :) just earlier, when we arrived home from the post office, my mom said, "look at these flowers!" :) awww! :) She was so happy, as she saw the cosmos flowers. :) We're in sweet nature, and gardening heaven, these wonderful days of the season, with the plants growing, flourishing, and blossoming beautifully. :) it's a very special time. :)
It was such a nice relaxing, and peaceful morning. :) i enjoyed some nice raspberry shredded wheat cereal, and some nice quality time here on ds this morning writing to friends. :) i felt so excited, relaxed, and focused in tune with the day. :) i was super pumped up and excited, about our super wednesday post office adventure. :) i always have my wonderful treasures with me. :) You all are always right there with us in spirit during our adventures, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angels. :) all the focus i need when going to the post office, is focusing on family and friends smiling and smiling when they reiceve their mail. :) That's a wonderful gift, and treasure to my heart. :) around early morning, we were all set, and ready to rock and roll, and to sweet stroll!!! those sweet summer time roads! :) post office! :) HERE WE COME!!! :)
We began our super fun adventure! :) my sister Lisa drove. :) we were enjoying a nice talk, and nice relaxing, and peaceful car ride. :) The fog had lifted into the air, and the sun was beginning to beam through it, and we saw lots of glowing nature. :) i was holding the cards we were getting ready to mail, and was thinking of this beautiful gardening season we're all sharing together. :) we drove past malerba's farm, the golf course, and the peaceful pond. :) Malerba's farm was just opening up for the day, with all of their flowers plants all around, and the sweet flowers blossoming near their entrance, greeting us with summer smiles :) it's such a wonderful time in the season. :) We love these times, and it's so special to us, getting to celebrate with eachother. :) the other day, my dad drove over to malerba's farm and bought some nice corn on the cob. :) The corn season is here, lots of harvests from all around Connecticut. :) it's such a great time, in the harvesting season. :)
We were driving past the peaceful pond, and guess who i spotted? THE BEAUTIFUL SWAN!!! :) awww! :) the sun was rising up more, and you could see the glowing nature all around the pond! :) it was absolutely beautiful! :) such a sweet sight to see, all of the amazing joy, of that wholesome heart warming nature. :) i spotted the swan, who was out for a nice early morning swim! :) so beautiful! :) i knew on the way home, i'd get an amazing picture taking opportunity. :) i love to see the swans, and looked for the ducks, i didn't see the ducks, but there's always next time. :) i know they'll be joining the swan today, for a nice swim in the peaceful pond :) We continued our journey to the post office. :) it was awesome, enjoying nature along the way, and i was thinking of friends smiling when they recieve their treasures. :) i felt so relaxed, at peace, and focused. :) i knew i was already in the sweet calm relaxing and peacefully confidence soaring zone. :)
As we made our way to the post office, we saw some lovely wild flowers blossoming alongside the summer roads. :) it's so nice, the sights all around, we're having an amazing summer of post office adventures, and enjoying seeing all of the lovely nature sights. :) We approached closer to the post office, we arrived, and parked our car. :) we were one of the first costomers there. :) my mom and i walked into the post office, and the worker came over and said hi. :) my mom and i said hi. :) social interaction! :) i felt so confident. :) i noticed another costomer came in, i was so into the zone, and felt very confident. :) i wish you all could have seen me there in the post office. :) You all have helped me make it this far into my therapy. :) i'm very blessed. :)
i said to the worker, "we'd like some stamps please" :) i asked the worker, about the Aloha Stamps, and she said, with mailing internationally, we needed to get the other stamps, and i said, "oh, ok" :) and said, "i'd like 8 International Stamps and 6 US stamps please" :) i was doing so well, with my social interaction. :) social interaction, and public speaking. :) it helps build up my foundation of confidence. :) it's really big for me to have that nice interaction. :) the experience was going great! :) the worker gave me the stamps, and i said, "Thank you' :) the worker gave me the total for the order, and i handed her the money. :) i was feeling so nicely confident, while in the post office. :) the worker handed me the change, and receipt, and my mom and i said thanks, and she wished us a nice day, and my mom and i wished her a nice day. :)
my mom and i walked over to the mailing area, and put stamps on the cards, and ct postcards. :) it was then time for a very special moment i love so very much, i put the cards into the mailing box. :) very special delivery coming your way! :) awww! :) my mom and i walked outside, i felt an amazing sense of accomplishment. :) WE ROCKED IT!!! :) it was an awesome post office adventure! :) in the parking lot, i thanked my mom and sister Lisa for going to the post office with me. :) it's very nice and sweet of them. :) we began our journey home. :) we were enjoying a nice talk, and enjoying more beautiful views, of summer time nature. :) i was thinking of friends smiling when they recieve their treasures. :) on the way home, i asked my mom and Lisa if we could go slowly past the peaceful pond, i wanted to see if i could take some pictures to share with everyone. :)
As we approached near the peaceful pond, there wasn't any cars behind us, we got to really go slowly past there, and i took a picture of the glowing peaceful pond, and the beautiful swan. :) i was so happy to get the great chance to take the pictures :) i looked for the ducks too. :) awww! :) we drove past the golf course, malerba's farm, and arrived home. :) i thanked my mom and Lisa again for going to the post office with me. :) it was an awesome adventure! :) i am so very tickled happy, excited, and thrilled about the treasures we mailed, and i'm looking forward to another awesome writing week. :) we love our post office adventures. :) each experience, i gain so much from. :) we mailed treasures, plus i gain confidence, knowledge, and experience that helps me during future experiences, plus the sweet joys, and memories, of a fun writing week, and seeing lots of beautiful nature during adventure. :) Thank you all so very much, for your amazing love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me. :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :) i'm with you all, all the way! :) We'll be going to the post office again soon. :) Sending lots and lots of love, and happy friendship smiles across the miles, from our home to yours :) Happy super wednesday post office adventure smiles :)
HAPPY FRIENDSHIP AND SUNFLOWER SMILES, FROM TEXAS! :) awww! :) This is so very wonderfully nice, sweet, and heart warming. :) my family and i are so very blessed! :) Each day, you all warm our hearts, touch our hearts in many wonderful ways, and make us smile. :)my family and i recieved a lovely, very special, and beautifully heart warming treasure, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy (Tipperspal), Danny, and their wonderful family :) They are so nice, sweet, kind, thoughtful, and generous. :) Judy, Danny, and family sent us, a beautiful sunflower friendship card. :) on the front of the card, there's a beautiful nature sight. :) a happy smiling blossoming sunflower :) Awww! :) This is awesome! :) The card is so lovely. :) my favorite sight in the garden, a happy sunflower :) inside the card, Judy wrote me a wonderfully heart warming note. :) awww! :) This is lovely. :) i put this beautiful card in my writing area. :) i love this very special treasure, and will always love, cherish, and treasure it. :) Judy, Danny, family, my family and i thank you all so very much, for this very special, lovely, and beautifully heart warming treasure. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) we love you all bunches and bunches, our sweet dear wonderful guardian angel friends :) we send our love, warm friendship wishes, caring thoughts, many peaceful nature, blessings, happy friendship hugs, and sunflower smiles, from our home to yours :)
We're enjoying a SUPER MEGA SWEET AWESOME DAY!!! :) my family and i are doing well, and are in good spirits. :) it was so nice going to the post office today. :) i've been enjoying some nature walks, i enjoyed 3 more nature walks during the morning. :) exploring our yard, and gardens. :) it's amazing to see how much the plants have grown. :) We have a new sunflower blossom in our garden today. :) i love introducing myself to the sunflowers. :) it's a sunflower blossoming celebration in the garden. :) the plants are enjoying the sunshine today. :) we picked a few more tomatoes. :) it got a bit hot and humid outside around mid-day, i kept in nice air conditioning here in my computer room. :) i've been enjoying some nice time here on DS, writing to friends, and have ghost hunters episodes on. :) a very special tradition i enjoy so very much each wednesday, is the ghost hunters party. :) tonight, our dear, and lovely friend Holly and i are going to watch episodes of ghost hunters. :) The ghost hunters party is on! :) i enjoyed some nice talks on the phone today, with our dear, and lovely friends, Maria (Love4You), Holly, and Katey (Nixfix) :) it's so nice talking :)
Today for lunch, i enjoyed a baked sweet potato, a baked potato with onion flakes/parsley flakes, and Italian salad dressing. :) i also enjoyed some nice boiled string beans from our garden, corn on the cob, and a baked tortilla wrap. :) lunch was delicious! :) my mom is a member on inboxdollars.com she loves the site, and has been earning dollars on there, today she cashed out for her first check, worth $51.11 :) She's so happy and excited! :) we're very happy for her. :
Congratulations to my mom on her first check she earned from online surveys :) i'm feeling a nice peaceful joy, and happiness within. :) celebrating each day to the fullest, with my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are very special, and precious friends, and are very nice and sweet. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) this evening, i'm going to enjoy some cantaloupe, cucumber slices, carrots sticks, and going to watch ghost hunters. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi :) She says, "i hope everyone is having a nice day" :) awww! :) we love you all bunches and bunches! :) We hope everyone is enjoying a super mega sweet awesome day :)
i dedicate all of my pictures, to my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) You all inspire me to enjoy celebrating each day to the fullest. :)
Happy friendship and sunflower smiles :) awww! :) This is so very wonderfully heart warming, and very special. :) my family and i recieved a lovely treasure, from our dear, and lovely friends, Judy (Tipperspal), Danny, and their wonderful family. :) They are so very wonderfully nice, sweet, kind, thoughtful, and generous. :) Judy, Danny, family, my family and i thank you all so very much, for this beautifully heart warming treasure. :) we deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :)

The Peaceful Pond! :) glowing with summer spirit! :) Awww! :) This is a picture of the peaceful pond we drive past. :) i love looking for the ducks and swans swimming in the pond. :) it's a very peaceful, and beautiful nature sanctuary. :) it's very exciting, when we spot the ducks and swans. :) We see crane birds visiting the pond too. :) Today on our way home from the post office, i got a sweet picture taking opportunity. :) The sun has rised up in the sky, and those golden beams of sunshine were creating a beautiful glow upon the pond. :) a sweet nature heaven :)

Swan! :) awww! :) we spotted a beautiful swan in the peaceful pond today. :) The swan is so happy, enjoying a nice swim, on a sweet beautiful summer day. :) Wonderful nature, shining at it's most beautiful best. :) greetings, from the peaceful pond :)

Happy summer garden smiles :) The summer gardening season continues to shine! :) This is an amazing time of the year, with lots of delightful garden joys, and wonderful spirit of summer season, shining all around. :) We love this time in the season, the plants are doing great, growing, flourishing, and blossoming beautifully. :) Happy nature smiles :)
Sunflower Dedication! :) a very special garden tradition :)
i dedicate this sunflower, to our dear, and lovely friends, Mindy (Mindy027), Trey, and their wonderful family :)

The garden is growing wild! :) a sweet sunny view, of the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :) The plants are spirit dancing in the summer sun :)

The golden glow of the summer garden. :) This is a side-view of the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :) in this picture, you can see our tallest sunflower, that is approaching 8 feet tall! :) the plants are in all of their sunny summer glory :)

Pumpkin! :) i stood up on a chair today and super zoomed in to take a close up picture of the new pumpkin we have growing. :) a halloween pumpkin in the garden :)

Bell pepper :) we have some bell peppers growing. :)

Cucumber :) our cucumber plants continue to flourish. :) We've picked 25 cucumbers so far this season :)

Mystery flower plant growing. :) we're going to have very special mystery flowers soon. :)

Tomatoes, and tomato plants growing wild! :)

This is a picture of mega tomato! :)

cherry tomato plants :)

Roma tomatoes ripening :)

Snowball bush blossoms :) Shining brightful and delightful :)

baby butterfly! :) i took another picture of the baby butterfly yesterday afternoon. :) the butterfly is adorable :)

Sunflower days of summer season! :) The sunflowers are smiling and shining! :) oh my! :) and growing and glowing! :) Happy sunflower smiles :)



Hi Chris Glad you had a good day and a super post office adventure.Happy to hear you\'ve been enjoying your garden so much. all of the fruit and veggies and flowers are doing wonderful.You have lots of cucmbers. tomatoes and the little pumpkin too.The photo of the swan and the subflowers are very beautiful.Thanks for all my great hugs today.Enjoy Ghost Hunters tonight. Hugs to all-Stephanie

Hi Chris! Thank you so much. The picture of the sunflower card I sent you is very nice and I appreciate all the really sweet things you said about Danny and me. Somedays, I look to you to give me spirit and enthusiasm to get throught the day. That is fabulous that you saw a swan...so pretty and your garden is growing. Sometimes I imagine myself in your garden and seeing your plants just the way that you do. Maybe I\'m there in spirit. Glad it went well at the post office. You DID rock it! Thanks again Chris! have a really good night! Love, Judy

So glad you had such a nice day, Chris!!! Post office visits are like clockwork for you now!!! You always do GREAT!! Love the swan on the Peaceful Pond... beautiful!! Nice to see all of your plants continuing to flourish!!

Went to town today myself--WalMart for my monthly supply shopping and a few other things... Should have gone to the grocery but I had some overheating with my truck so I thought the better of it as it was SOOOOOOO HOT today!! Thought about going tomorrow, but Guy returns Friday so I\'ll just wait until then, I think...

Not much going on today, but with my quick trip to the garden, I know I need to get out in it tomorrow morning and PICK RIPE TOMATOES!!! I did get 3 more zucchinis today that are a nice size along with two MONSTER ZUCCHINIS!! Guy told me to keep an eye on them and I did not so they got way too big!! That\'s Ok, the chickies like them!! I cut them into rounds and they eat all of the insides out leaving the skin in little circles all over the chickie yard... It just makes me laugh!!!

The pupz have been great Chickie Ranglers today!! Not sure where they are getting out and need to really take a look tomorrow... It\'s Ok though as the ones who got out did not have their chickie hobo bags so I knew they were not going too far!!! LOL

Love to you and Mom and Dad and everyone in CT!!! Have a SUPER EVENING!! xoxoxo Cj

Dear Chris, I am happy you had a good day! love all your beautiful
pictures, especially the Swan in the peaceful pond... Thank you so
much for always brighten my day.Sending Best Wishes your Way!

Love and hugs,

i am so glad you had such a good day and great post office experience. you rocked it indeed!!!! thank you again for dedicating a sunflower to us!!! enjoy your new treasure. great pics too!!!

I am so proud of you for doing so well at the Post Office, well done Chris, you need to get a medal for all your hard work. That was so beautiful how you saw a swam, I remember the first time i saw one and that was in the Uk. But I have seen black swans in Australia as well.