Happy super wednesday :)

Happy super wednesday!!! :) celebrating wonderful healing, that is taking place each day. :) my mom enjoyed a nice time sitting outside under our front tree today, enjoying that nice cool summer breeze. :) The weather is absolutely gorgeous today! :) i spirit dwelved deep into the heart of our yard, and gardens, and went picture taking wild! :) hehe! :) i picked a roma tomato, and also picked some string beans that i enjoyed with my lunch. :) It's so nice, enjoying those gardening goodies. :) very soon we'll be making some fresh homemade salsa. :) It's such a nice time of the year. :) my mom's home, and recovering. :) i did some nice writing today. :) i've been writing cards, and letters. :) next wednesday my mom and i are looking forward to returning to the post office. :) a sweet tradition i enjoy so very much each wednesday, is the ghost hunters partys! :) i've had some classic episodes on here in my computer room today, and tonight our friend Holly and i are looking forward to watching the new episode of ghost hunters international. :) i had my wednesday weigh-in today. i was very very surprised by the results of my weigh-in. i made a nice lunch today, i had some of my wild rice with my lunch. :) Tonight, the ghost hunters party is on! :)
A day at home, in the gardens, and spirits dancing in the sweet blue sky! :) oh my! :) my mom's continuing to heal well. :) my brother's girlfriend came over to visit my mom today, and she said, "you are looking great!" :) awww! :) my mom enjoyed a nice time sitting outside under our front tree. :) It's one of those summer days in the 70's, with nice gentle cool breeze in the air, plenty of sunshine, and the blue sky glowing. :) it was so nice seeing my mom sitting outside today, and enjoying that peaceful relaxation. :) her healing journey is going so very well. :) We feel your wonderful love, healing energy, and thoughts and prayers with us. :) it's very comforting, and uplifting. :) one of my mom's favorite things about being home this week, is being able to enjoy some of her favorite treats. :) She sure did enjoy that frozen yogurt fruit parfait yesterday. :) She wants another one! :) hehe! :)
her spirit has totally lit up, and excited our entire home, and it's just so wonderful, taking in some wonderfully peaceful time, with my mom here, and enjoying some wonderful nature too. :) We have this sunflower in our front yard, it's a 7 foot tall sunflower, and it's facing right toward our home, and my mom saw the sunflower and said it's very beautiful. :) She's enjoying the nature and gardening sights. :) i spent some nice time today, walking around our yard, and gardens. :) one of my favorite things about summer season, is when some of the garden goodies are ready to be picked, i love to go right out into the garden and pick some goodies to enjoy with my lunch. :) i picked string beans today, and had them with my lunch. :) it's a very rewarding time in the gardening season. :) i picked a roma tomato, and put all of the tomatoes we've picked from our gardens so far, into a nice bowl, and my mom was so happy to see it. :) She loves fresh garden grown tomatoes. :)
*Gardening/Sunflowers/Nature news!* :) PEACEFUL SUNSHINE IN THE GARDEN :) The plants are enjoying some wonderful summer sunshine today. :) i love seeing those sunny sunflower smiles, and plants growing, and flourishing. :) It's an amazing time in the season, with the plants growing absolutely sweet nature wild, and nice goodies growing, string beans, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and other goodies. :) the string beans i had with my lunch yesterday and today, were very delicious. :) sweet garden fresh. :) i get so excited this time of the year, seeing the goodies growing. :) in one of our gardens, we have an area where the plants are growing so very wild, it's like a huge gardening jungle! :) from tomato plants, to pepper plants, cucumber plants, string beans, melon plants, radishes, and cabbage plants, and even a couple sunflowers. :) It's truly incredible to see. :) There's lots of roma tomatoes. :) The tomatoes grow in these clusters, and we have some ripening. :) i can't wait to make some fresh homemade salsa. :) It's gonna be so nice. :) There's so many surprises in the gardens. :)
The cucumber plants have really surprised me too. :) we have 3 cucumber plants growing in one of the gardens, and they are producing some nice cucumbers. :) it's so nice to see the plants growing, and flourishing. :) The plants recieved lots of nice rain nourishment yesterday evening. :) we had a thunderstorm roll through our area, it brought lots of rain, and also some winds. i checked in on the plants this morning, the plants held up fairly well, a few sunflowers and a tomato plant needed some support, but thankfully all of the plants are alright, and are continuing to grow, and flourish. :) We have a beautiful variety of flowers that have recently blossomed. :) from sunflowers, to golden yellow lillies, to strawberry variety candy lillies, along with the petunia's, geraniums, nasturiums, and tiger lillies. :) The summer flowers blossoming party is continuing, with upcoming new blossoms. :) more sunflowers, marigolds, and also morning glorys will begin to blossom soon. :) in our bird feeders/gardening area, and my mom's peace flower garden, we have morning glory flower plants growing, that will begin to blossom soon. :) It's gonna be very exciting to see them blossoming throughout August, and September. :)
We've had some very special nature visitors in our yard. :) it warms my heart, and makes me smile, each time i see a bird, or a bumble bee, or a butterfly, even those cute little rascals ants and other garden critters. :) it's very active in the yard and gardens. :) The butterfly's floating around from garden to garden, and i've been hearing that very unique bird singing now, the golden finches have arrived! :) The finches love the sunflower seeds. :) The sunflowers are like homemade/homegrown bird feeders. :) The finches enjoy the sunflower seeds, so very much. :) the bluejays have been visiting more often. :) i love hearing those flocks of bluejays around, it always reminds me of the peanut party's during the autumn and winter seasons. :) Very soon, i'd love to pull some weeds in the garden, to freshen up the gardens for the month of August. :) August is going to be a big month in the season, with more growing, harvesting, and lots and lots of blossoming. :) we're going to have many cherry tomatoes to harvest, and roma tomatoes, and also cucumbers. :) i'd love to make some more fresh homemade pickles. :) i love taking pictures of our plants, and gardens. :) Thank you all so very much, for your beautifully heart warming comments. :) my family and i are so very happy, delighted, and thrilled that everyone enjoys seeing our plants and gardens. :) That warms our hearts, and makes us smile. :) Happy nature, and gardening season smiles :)
WEDNESDAY WEIGH-IN! :) i have a new weight loss goal update to share with everyone. :) when i weighed myself this morning, i got quite the surprise! oh my! i was so surprised by the results of my weigh in, i got back on the scale 4 more times just to see if the results were true, and each time, it came up the same. i lost some weight last week. i was first a bit surprised by how much i lost, but then thinking about the past week, i then realized that with it being a very tense, anxious, and stressful week, with my mom unwell, and being so very worried about her, i then began to realize, that the surprising weigh-in is due to last week, and how my body reacts to anxious, stress, and worry. my body has a funny way, of reacting to anxious times, and stressful times. even last week, i ate more than i usually do, i had pasta, french fries, chicken mcnuggets, apple pie, and even lots of drinks with sugar, like lemonade, peach iced tea, iced coffee.
when i have weeks where i get a bit off-balance with my healthy eating, i tend to gain a bit, but with last week being very tense, i think my body reacted to those tense times, and i ended up losing 6 pounds. it really surprised me at first, but i thought back to this past week, and even to last july when my family and i went through a very stressful time together, and last year, i had a week where i lost 4 pounds, and i remember gaining it right back. even on weeks where i eat very healthy, i usually only lost a pound or 2, and last week i didn't even come close to eating half as healthy as i usually do, and to lost 6 pounds, i purely think it's my body reacting to that tense times, to the anxious, and stressful moments, and i know this upcoming week, with it more peaceful, and calm, i could eat very healthy, and i think next week's weigh-in, i'll see at least a pound or 2 gain, as my body will be more relaxed, and feeling more like itself. :) past few nights, i've even been eating popcorn and strawberry fig newtons late at night for snack. i think this past week, i turned to food a bit more for some comfort, and still lost weight, but i know, my body will become more balanced as this new week goes on, especially with my mom home, and her healing. :) i will keep everyone updated. :) Thank you all so very much, for your wonderful love, care, support, guidance, encouragement, and for believing in me, and having faith in me. :) i deeply appreciate everything, with all of my heart. :) i'm with you all, all the way. :)
We're enjoying a nice day. :) today for lunch, i enjoyed some wild rice that our dear, and lovely friends Carolyn (Cypher) and her family sent us. :) i also enjoyed cucumber slices with salad dressing, and string beans. :) lunch was delicious! :) a sweet tradition i enjoy every wednesday, is the ghost hunters party. :) i've had some episodes of ghost hunters on here in my computer room today. :) tonight i'm going to call our dear, and lovely friend Holly. :) the ghost hunters party is on! :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. :) You all are so very wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) i'm going to enjoy some snacks tonight, and gonna watch ghost hunters. :) There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi. :)
Happy summer time nature gardening smiles :) the plants are enjoying a beautifully sunny day. :) it's amazing, seeing how much the plants have grown. :) It's a really nice time in the season. :) You all are always right there with me in spirit during my adventures. :) it's the sunny blossoming days of the gardening season :)
The sunflowers blossoming party is on! :)







tomatoes :)

Sunflowers :)




bumble bee. :)








snowball bush blossoms :)




happy smiling sunflower :)


plants growing wild :)


sunflower spirit dancing in the sweet blue summer sky :)



new marigolds blossoming :)

happy smiling sunflowers :)


sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith. :)


wednesday weigh-in. :) i had a surprising weigh-in this morning. i know with the past week, a bit anxious, and stressful at times, worried about my mom, wanting her to be ok, my body sometimes reacts to the anxious and stressful times by losing weight, even though i did eat a bit more than i usually do. last week i was about 219. i'd love to maintain this weight, between 213 and 220. :) i want to stay between those numbers. :) i'll keep everyone updated. :)