Happy nature smiles :) Hummingbirds, and Butterfly's :) Awesome summer nature! :)

SWEET JOYS OF THE SUMMER GARDEN! :) WONDERFUL REFLECTIONS UPON A SUMMER WEEK! :) and LOTS MORE TO LOOK FORWARD TOO! :) my family and i hope everyone's enjoying a peaceful day. :) it's a wildcard day today, with some spirited nature walks, taking pictures of the plants, organizing, and putting movies on. :) beautiful butterfly's and 2 hummingbirds visited our yard and gardens today! :) i took some cool pictures to share :) we picked tomatoes and peppers :) i've been doing some sweet reflections back upon the summer week. :) yesterday evening, my family and i had a sweet surprise! :) my niece Alyssa treated us to Chinese food for dinner. :) it's so nice, and sweet of her. :) She got me wonton soup, and i also had some nice vegetables, carrots, green olives, and cucumber slices. :) delicious! :) we enjoyed a nice dinner, and our dear, and lovely friend Holly and i watched episodes of ghost hunters. :) it was awesome! :) Very special thanks, for my niece Alyssa, for the nice dinner. :) i want to get her a nice treat soon, at mcdonalds. :) She loves those frappe drinks at mcdonalds. :) it's been a big week, and as we get ready for another super fun baking friday adventure, and a cool spirited shopping weekend, i've been doing some reflections back upon the week. :) my family and i have been enjoying the gardening season, so very much, and the very special sweet joys it brings, throughout the season, celebrating with everyone. :) Kayla, Taylynn, and i have a SUPER WILDCARD TREATS themed baking friday adventure planned for tomorrow. :) We're gonna get the flour flying, and including sweet harvested tomatoes from our garden, as a special part of our baking friday adventure. :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)
a day of sweet peaceful joys :) Our plants, and gardens are flourishing so very nicely. :) yesterday, my dad and i, and my little nieces Kayla, Taylynn, and i enjoyed nature walks around our yard, and gardens. :) During the late afternoon, i was showing Kayla and Taylynn our new sunflower blossoms, and i showed them the 2 sunflowers growing in the garden next to our pumpkin plant, and i said, "This Sunflower is named Kayla, and this sunflower is named Taylynn" :) they smiled! :) awww! :) They were so excited to see the plants, and helped me pick a huge red tomato. :) they were so proud, as they brought the tomato to their grandpa (my dad) :) it's a very special time in the gardening season. :)
It's a time when we see the plants, and are just so amazed, at how much they have grown, and remembering back to early spring, when we first began to clean, and organize the gardens for the season, and now seeing these beautiful flowers, and delicious fruits and vegetables growing, it's a very rewarding feeling. :) Each day of the gardening season, is like opening up a nice gift. :) it's a treasure, from nature. :) all of our cosmos, nasturiums, and wildflowers, sunflowers, those sweet garden joys were once seeds we held in our hands, and a dream of a happy smiling flower, that we hold close to our hearts, and to see the plants all doing so well, and happy, smiling, enjoying that summer time sunshine, and spirit of summer gardening, it touches our hearts, in many beautiful ways. :)
We're right in the heart of summer gardening now. :) it's rewarding, each day. :) many friends, have been mentioning about their nice summer harvests. :) it's so much fun, and very exciting getting to celebrate nature, and gardening season with eachother. :) it's an amazing time in the season. :) We've been picking fresh vine ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, and yesterday i picked a nice snap pea to enjoy. :) it's sweet garden delicious! :) We've got lots of harvesting, and fun nature walks to look forward too. :) our pumpkin plants have really grown wild, and the string beans plants are growing amongst the garden fences. :) we have string beans beginning to grow. :) i'm looking forward to having some nice steamed string beans with some pasta salad. :) mmm mmm! :) It's really amazing, how it's august already, and with so much going on in the gardens, i've been having lots of fun, taking at least 30 to 40 pictures of the plants each day, selecting pictures to share, and soaking up the spirit of summer gardening. :)
Very soon, we're going to have many more sunflowers blossoming. :) There's an area in the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith, where earlier this season, we had some sunflower's join the garden, as some of the sunflowers were having issue with insects/bugs eating the leaves, and i remember that sunday, when i transplanted 12 sunflowers into the garden, and began to spray the plants with lemon juice/water to help protect the plants from insects/bugs, and i see those sunflowers growing so tall, and 1 already blossomed! :) This is so wonderful, and will always be a very special memory i have, from the season. :) the sunflowers are rising and shining each day, and they are super growing. :) We're going to have a wave of sunflower blossoms soon, where we could see maybe 10 or more sunflowers blossoming in one day! :) This is gonna be sweet! :) our bird feeders/gardening area, has many sunflowers, nasturiums, snowball bush blossoms, and also marigolds and morning glorys plants growing. :)
The marigolds, and morning glorys flowers, are gonna blossom later on this month, and will continue to blossom well into september, and maybe even october like last year. :) we have a pumpkin plant growing in my mom's peace flower garden, and more pumpkin plants in the garden next to our peach tree. :) it's truly amazing to see the plants and how much they have grown. :) we hope to have a pumpkin picking adventure during the autumn season. :) Our peppers, and tomato plants are growing wild. :) we got ripening tomatoes, and peppers. :) my dad wants me to make some nice salsa soon. :) i'd love to make some extra mild salsa, to try out, i really miss salsa, and would like to try to make some very mild blend of salsa, with maybe some corn in the salsa, to have. :) it would be sweet garden fresh. :) we also want to make pickles soon. :) WOW! WOW! WOW! :) our cucumber plants this season, have grown so nicely, it's been a record breaking season for our garden. :) We've harvested 15 cucumbers so far. :) That's the most cucumbers we've ever had grow in our gardens. :) i think the most we've had in a season, was about 5, and to have so many growing this season, it's really neat. :) the cucumbers are so delicious, we love cucumbers, and have been enjoying nice cucumber slices. :) i love to have the cucumbers slices plain, and i also dip the cucumbers into ranch dressing. :)
This is definitely the golden days of the summer gardening season, as we have lots of birds, butterfly's, bumble bees, squirrels, and garden critters all out and about, in our yard, and gardens :) i've been putting lots of wheat bread and apple muffins around our yard for them :) we've been hearing the golden finches. :) i want to try to take some pictures of them soon. :) The finches love sunflower seeds, they land on top of a sunflower, and enjoy the sunflower seeds. :) the hummingbirds are enjoying the fresh batch of nectar i made for them. :) those cute little birds, they are so adorable. :) we have about 6 feeders currently with nectar, and the hummingbirds enjoy the nectar so much. :) We still have lots of nature, and gardening adventures, that we'll be enjoying throughout the rest of the season. :) There's still at least a good 7 or 8 weeks, of gardening season to enjoy. :) all of this month, and all of september, and maybe even a week into October, we'll still have some blossoms. :) There's lots of sweet garden joys to look forward too. :) my family and i want to take this time, to thank you all so very much, for joining us in our yard and gardens, and for welcoming us into your yard and gardens. :) We're with eachother in spirit. :) there's lots of great memories being made this gardening season :) Happy nature smiles :)
We're enjoying a wonderfully peaceful day. :) SWEET WHOLESOME NATURE :) i'm so very happy and excited! :) i've been enjoying some nature walks throughout the day today. :) i enjoyed 3 nature walks during the morning. :) i spotted 2 cute, and adorable hummingbirds, and beautiful butterfly's :) i had some amazing picture taking opportunities. :) i am so very happy and excited! :) i took some cool pictures to share with everyone. :) i was showing my mom, dad, and family the nature pictures. :) they love them :) it's so nice, to be amongst the yard and gardens, with the summer sun shining, the birds singing, and the wonderful sights of the plants growing. :) my sweet nature heaven :) i love it!!! :) i am so very tickled happy, and excited about sharing my new pictures with everyone in my journal today. :) spirit soaring in the gardens :)
There's an amazing nature spirit in the air. :) we picked some more tomatoes, and a cayenne pepper, and a jalapeno pepper today. :) we're making fresh homemade salsa tomorrow for my dad. :) We're using the tomatoes, and peppers from our gardens, to make the salsa. :) i've been doing a little organizing here in my computer room, plus getting things ready for tomororw's super fun baking friday adventure. :) Today for lunch, i enjoyed 2 small baked potatoes, some cucumber slices, corn, and 2 baked tortilla wraps. :) lunch was delicious! :) i'm continuing to do really well, with my healthy eating, and exercising. :) i enjoyed some nice quality time here on DS this afternoon, writing to friends, put some movies on, and caught up on some yahoo emails. :) it's a nice peaceful day. :) i enjoyed some nice talks on the phone today, with our dear, and lovely friends Maria (Love4You), Holly, and Jasmine (JasmineRenee) :) it's so nice talking :) 
i'm feeling a wonderful joy and peace within. :) my family and i thank you all so very much, for all that you do for us. : )You all are wonderfully nice, and sweet. :) We deeply appreciate everything, with all of our hearts. :) BIG GROUP HUG :) i'm going to have some cucumber slices for snack this evening, and going to watch a dvd tonight. :) i ordered another movie on amazon :) i had over $2 on my gift card balance on amazon, and also had over $1. on my citi-bank card, i got a nice movie. :) i love my movies. :) i entered some sweepstakes on mycokerewards, including a sweepstakes for a Nintendo 3DS gaming system. :) the sweepstakes drawings are on august 15th. :) i hope i win :)There's lots of great things to look forward too. :)
calling all cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters! :) hehe! :) cookie monsters unite!!! :) tomorrow is baking friday! :) oh my! :) a super fun, and super sweet, wildcard treats themed baking friday adventure in the kitchen!!! :) we're ready to get the flour flying in the air in the kitchen! :) hehe! :) this is gonna be so much fun!!! :) the summer season is in full swing. :) We sure do love our baking friday adventures, and sharing our adventures with everyone. :) keeping with the tradition, a wonderfully wholesome tradition, tomorrow my little nieces Kayla, Taylynn, and i are going to bake an apple pie, and also making peanut butter bars, and fresh homemade salsa. :) it's gonna be lots of fun! :) We're very happy and excited about the adventure :) i'll take lots of pictures of our adventure to share with everyone. :) many family and friends joined in on the baking friday fun this week. :) is anyone baking goodies tomorrow? :) calling all cookie monsters! :) cookie monsters unite! :) it's almost time to bake! bake! bake! :)
-never lose hope :)
my mom says hi. :) She says, "i hope everyone had a nice day" :) She says, "have a peaceful evening" :) awww! :) We love you all bunches and bunches! :) we hope everyone is enjoying a nice peaceful day :)
i dedicate all of my pictures, to my wonderful family and wonderful friends. :) You all inspire me to enjoy celebrating each day to the fullest :)
HAPPY SUMMER TIME NATURE SMILES :) it's a beautiful summer day. :) this afternoon, my dad and i each watered some of the plants. :) The plants are doing amazing, and soaking up lots of sunshine. :) we're enjoying some nature walks, and soaking up all of the wonderful spirit, of summer time nature, and gardening :) we love it!!! :)
butterfly! :) We had a very special nature visitor in our gardens today. :) the butterfly's are out and about, floating and flying around, enjoying the beautiful summer gardening season. :) it's a pure joy, to see our nature animal friends. :) we love nature. :) This is a picture of a happy butterfly, visiting my favorite gardening area. :) Happy nature smiles :)

hummingbird! :) awww! :) we had very special nature visitors in our yard today. :) 2 cute, and adorable hummingbirds. :) we love seeing our nature animal friends visiting. :) This is a picture of a happy smiling hummingbird, enjoying some nectar from the feeder. :) nature is wonderfully heart warming. :) Summer time nature is shining :)

Cayenne pepper :) This is a picture of the cayenne pepper we picked today, from our garden. :) These are very hot peppers, the peppers first begin to grow as green color, and when they ripen, they turn to red color. fresh garden harvest :)

Jalapeno pepper :) This is a picture of a jalapeno pepper. :) we have lots of these peppers growing in our gardens :)

Tomatoes and Peppers harvest :) we picked some nice tomatoes and peppers today. :)

Sunny sunflower smiles :) The sunflowers are in all of their wonderfully sunny summer glory, as they are soaking up lots of sunshine. :) a beautiful day in the summer gardens :)

Corn plants :) our corn plants are growing very hearty. :) We love seeing them grow :)

close up picture of the large leaves on the cornstalks :)

Mystery flower blossoming :) we have these nice mystery flower plants in our gardens. :)

pumpkin plants :) in the sunflower field of hope and unfailing faith, we have 5 pumpkin plants growing. :) The plants are flourishing :)

Front steps garden :) next to our front steps, we have our rhododendrum bush, and flowers planters. :) it's turned into a sweet garden area. :)

Kayla and Taylynn! :):) greetings from the summer garden! :) awww! :) Kayla and Taylynn got their picture taken today, by our front garden. :) They are so happy, enjoying a fun day playing outside. :) it's summer time. :) Lots of summer smiles, and great memories being made. :)



Hi Chris Glad you had a great day enjoying your beautiful garden.I enjoyed your nature journal and seeing your photos of the plants Loved seeing the wondeful butterfly and humming bird. All of your peppers and sunflowers love that summer sun. The sun was blazing HOT! here this afternoon,Thanks for all my nice hugs today.Enjoy a good evening. Hugs-Stephanie

So glad you had such a nice day Chris!! And Thank You for the fun card!! Summer is REALLY ROCKING NOW!! Baking Friday sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!! Of course, you all always have a GREAT TIME!! I can almost see those flour claps now!!!

Love the pic of the butterfly and I\'m awaiting some on the farm... Hoping to see those beautiful swallowtails again!! Truly we are in the golden days of summer, are we not??? I know you are having the TIME OF YOUR LIFE with all of your gardens in full swing and the harvesting beginning!! Really this is my favorite part when I can go to the yard and pick dinner!!

This is the first I\'ve sat at my computer today as I\'ve been canning peaches... Doing small batches, and I\'m up to 8 pints so far with a big basket yet to go!!! We are starting to get tomatoes now, and today I also finished up on my first batch of tomato paste! I think I got 5 little zippies of 1/3 cup each and frozen flat. I\'ve got another bowl of paste tomatoes to process which takes at least 2 - 3 dayz in my small crock pot... (Forgot, I also got two hanging baskets replanted with plant I got at the greenhouse in town for $3... The petunias in the one were done and the other had not yet been planted so it\'s nice to have the flowers refreshed for the rest of the summer and into the fall... I planted sweet potato vines and trailing geraniums--may just have a new fav flower!!!

Love to you and Mom and Dad and everyone in CT!! Have a super evening!! I\'ll be watching Olympics and pulling all of the pics I\'ve taken recently so that will keep me buzy!!! xoxoxo Cj

Dear Chris, your pictures are very beautiful, especially picture
with the Butterfly. Special Greetings from Georgia to you and
your family! Have a good night! Love and hugs,

sounds like you had a really nice day. i am so glad you had such a wonderful nature walk as usual. great pics too!!!!
have fun baking today. your baking goodies sound delish!!!! ttyl

I love the pic of the hummingbird, butterfly and especially of Taylynn and Kayla!