Happy Mediums....Do they exist?

I have often wondered why some people stick in my head for days upon days after seeing them if only for a brief moment. These same people will stick around and cartwheel around for a few days then eventually fade away until I catch a glimpse of them again.
I have always done this. I won’t think about someone for a while and then poof there they are making me wonder about them. Now this isn’t your run of the mill day dream fleeting thing. Nor is it just a common acquaintance that this generally occurs.
For example last Saturday night I was sitting at our local Mexican joint having a drink with my friend Brenda and out of the bathroom comes one of FH’s so-called friends. Now the last time I laid eyes on this guy was almost 2 years ago when he helped us move and him and I were in the truck and he looked me dead in the eyes and asked me why in the hell I still put up with him? Of course I didn’t have an answer back then. So needless to say I was kind of excited to see him. Now I couldn’t really show that in front of my friend because she wouldn’t have gotten it. He was one of those people who would occasionally come around to our house but not much because I think with out my knowledge there had been words between the two of them and most likely FH didn’t remember it. Anyway when ever he would come around I usually spend a few days afterwards thinking about him.
So after seeing him Saturday and today being Wednesday I am still dealing with his cartwheels. This morning however a new one happened. A different guy started doing cartwheels with out me even having to see him. Actually he just popped up in my dream last night and he is also sticking around. So I decided that since he just randomly popped up that it might warrant some contact, so I texted him. He was shocked that I just texted him to say Hi and was thinking about him. He said it was nice to know that someone thought about him. I started once to text him that I thought about him on a regular basis but I didn’t want him to think I was wanting something from him, because I don’t.
As a matter of fact I don’t want anything from anybody. I think sometimes that the loneliness gets to me. And it is more of being wanting that actually is what is appealing. I have been talking my best friend through a shitty relationship break-up or whatever it is and he has put so much effort in keeping this one person who honestly doesn’t want him. It is obvious that he loves her and does all these things to keep her and is doing some heavy duty pursuing. Now I don’t want to the redneck crazy pursuing that he is doing, but just being wanted, not for BJ or sex but just because they want to spend time with me. Because I make them smile. I just want to be wanted.
I am not ready to get into the whole dating scene and go that route because when I get to that point it will be because I am ready to settle down with someone and have someone to spend my life with. Right now I just want fun and nothing serious but just want more than just sex too…I want a happy medium between it all…does that even exist or am I simply asking for something that unattainable?