Happy Easter!

It's finally Spring Break and I am so glad!  I went back up to Atlanta to see my home church and today's Easter service was great!  I helped with the music, which I always love doing.  Unfortunately, even though its break, I have to write an essay tonight and send it to my voice teacher-I almost forgot about it and today is the last day to email it.  Whoops!  I am also very proud of myself, because I have been eating very well lately-probably because I am feeling better.  Please keep me in your prayers if you pray-I have a ton to do before I leave for New Orleans on Wednesday. I decided to post another confessional type poem.  This is from about a year ago. "Lashing Back" He creeps behind,He creeps before,He creeps on his knees through my door  His tongue lashesAnd whips my earHe tells me the secrets I don’t want to hear   Please help me!Take his place!Hold my hand.  I shall lash back,Cut out his tongue,I must kill him while I’m young.