Handi-van society declines to work with third bus

The Rose City Handi-van Society made clear in a letter to city council that it will not consider the possibility of adding a third van to its services."We only have $50,000 to deal with here, and I can see this eating up a lot of that money," he said."I don't see it being a replacement for the [token system], said Mayer. "We do have a bus. I think we have to try to activate the service somehow for the people who don't have any resources.""We need to know budget, we need to know how it interplays with the handivan society's budget. I'll say this delicately, but if we have to run a third bus ourselves, then the money has to come from somewhere," said Coun. Wayne Throndson.Lindstrand reminded council he had received a petition from more than 60 lodge residents concerned about the Bethany's discontinuation of bus services, and Handi-van users have commented recently on the growing difficulty of using the service."The demand is growing and people aren't able to access it, so though we appreciate the service they have provided in the past, I think we need to review the service level that's provided by the handi-van, especially if we're going to continue to provide annual grants," said Lindstrand. href='http://www.camrosecanadian.com/2015/06/10/handi-van-society-declines-to-work-with-third-bus' - http://www.camrosecanadian.com/2015/06/10/handi-van-society-declines-to-work-with-third-bus -