At my last AA meeting, a lady advised me to start paying attention to my mood swings and see what they tell me. To follow HALT...Hungry, angry, lonely or tired. 

For the most part, I have been a mixture of all of them. Hunger is the easy fix. The others, not so much. 

I didn't really understand what others meant by "the fog", but the past week has thrown me right into it. 

To get away from my thoughts, I attempt to physically work through them. But I've become so exhausted, and in so much physical pain, that I have no choice but to sit and think. I have tried to write out on paper my thoughts, but I am so unfocused by that period of time that I just hide in bed. But sleep is no longer a comfort to me. 

There's so many things that I have to come to terms with. So many confessions. So many apologies. I don't even know where to begin.