Growing popularity of Facial Fat Grafting Los Angeles

Most of the surgeons in the US are employing a technique referred to as the facelift los angeles. This technique helps in enhancing one’s appearance during the facelift procedures. The process involves transferring a small amount of fat from one part of the body of the patient to another. The fat can be procured from thighs or belly with the aid of liposuction procedures. The injection of fat is then done on facial areas that require volume to appear aesthetically appealing. 
A research was done by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons members. A response was obtained from more than 300 members about the fat grafting techniques. More than 85% surgeons employed fat grafting procedures while carrying out facelifts. The results can be read in detail from the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal.
In most of the cases involving Facial Fat Grafting Los Angeles, the fat was collected from the belly and was transferred to the face. The amount of transfer was found to be tiny. The researchers said that the amount of fat employed for the purpose was quite low. In most of the cases, the fat collected was transferred to the cheeks that had sunken because of the aging process. A more rounded look is offered to a face with the employment of fat grafting process. 
In several cases, fat grafting process is also employed on the eyelids and for the folds between the mouth and the nose corners. Whatever the fat is injected, a fraction of it gets absorbed over time. Most of the surgeons are of the opinion that the fat remains in place for over a year. The results can be refined over time with the follow-up procedures. This should be done within six months after carrying out the initial procedure.