Growing Electrification in Augmented Reality Design to Stimulate Global Augmented Reality Market


Augmented Reality has just started to go mainstream with increasing awareness in individuals and corporate leaders leading to a surge of innovations in this relatively new and exciting technology. have always been at the forefront of innovation since 2011 with their original graphic art designs, combining print and digital in new and exciting ways. Old and new technologies are merged together to bring about the best of both worlds. augmented reality Art Work Why have to choose when you can be in the position to have it all? takes traditional Print Design, such as greeting cards, fine art prints, wall art, books, gifts and homewares, and through Augmented Reality technology in the form of a free app, magically brings them to life with digital content including sound, music, animation, film and digital interaction. The result is a hybrid offering that excites and captures the interests of both young and old, individuals and corporations. It brings about a huge shift in the market, where originally there was talk of print dying a death, digital being the only thing worth investing in. Now with Augmented Reality comes the ability to keep our old established media technologies working alongside and in combination with the new digital media.

Multinational companies such as Apple have only just got on board late 2018, with their new offering AR Quick Look, which allows for users to view augmented reality directly from their browser, with no need for the use of a third party app. This is a groundbreaking innovation, allowing for unfettered use of this emerging technology. Using the Safari browser and the latest iOS 12, users can enjoy the benefits of viewing products in 3D with the ability to rotate 3D objects a full 360 degrees to view all angles and then with the click of a button to then place that 3D model of the product within their own space, be it the office or their home, or even their driveways! Imagine being able to see how your new car would look placed on your actual driveway in real life scale! The simply practical uses of this technology are incredible. They are also fun and engaging users and customers in a way that was not possible before. You can even share the 3D model with other contacts and on social media and they will be able to view the 3D model in their own space.

Apple’s AR Quick Look technology will be increasingly adopted as it is incredibly easy and seamless to use. Merchants adopting this technology early on, will see a profound increase in user engagement with their product, not just for the novelty but for its practical application in making ecommerce more intuitive. The emergence to the mainstream of Augmented Reality technology has been likened to some of the most significant technological advancements of the modern world, such is the effect it will have on our lives. Think of the dawn of the Gutenberg Press, the invention of the Telephone, and even the World Wide Web; it will be that profound in the changes that will come about.

Developments in the technology are growing at breakneck speed, partly due to the increasing awareness amongst startups and innovative entrepreneurs who have been the early adopters and are promoting the technology. is an early pioneer in the use of this new innovation combining traditional art and design with new technologies to harness the power of both in a hybrid. Perhaps AR really will be the ‘next big thing’.