Green Tea - Some Call It A Miracle Drink

Numerous studies have been tried. These studies indicate white" - google - include anti carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and insulin-enhancing effects. According to a 2002 Maryland study, the insulin-enhancing benefits are reduced close to 90% when you add milk to the drink. So drink it plain for this benefit.Som Tum - Thai green" rel="nofollow - google - benefits Salad - This dish you can see many with the street venders mixing up with a pestle and mortar to get all the flavours from the herbs. Fresh papaya, Thai string beans, palm sugar, green chillies and dried shrimp all get mixed together create a a fiery salad. A realistic highlight any kind of Thailand visit.The Chinese are an unnaturally cultural people and tea has been a part of their culture for many centuries. One of the ways the spot where the Chinese include tea inside culture via the tea ceremony.