Got caught watching adult content! HELP?

It's just a mere spam message, and especially when the Ukash Moneypak scam pops up under the Police Warning in the guise of the Australian Federal Police virus - Allison Banks - that locks your computer unless you cough up some cash or code to get it unlocked. Truth is, it remains locked so the only way to eliminate the virus altogether is to install and use the Malwarebytes anti-virus program, or even use it just to prevent it from happening. Pornography in my opinion should be leisurely. You only get arrested if the porn you're viewing is child porn, zoophilia, bestiality and child hentai. Only the ones who are legally over 18+ doing porn, and its between consenting adults. BDSM is okay because at least it's also between consenting adults with a safe word to put an end to it if things are rough and too hard.