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Martin Ron's untitled mural wasorganized by Buenos Aires Street Art in association with the City Government of Buenos Aires. "Beyond Banksy: Not Another Gift Shop" by Pablo Delgado, Street Museum of Art Google "Beyond Banksy: Not Another Gift Shop" offers an alternative look at London's Shoreditch neighborhood, and encourages the public to discover their city from a new perspective. Beyond Banksy is the first international exhibition from guerrilla street art group Street Museum of Art. "Inside Out Project 17" by JR, Dallas Contemporary Google French-born street artist JR pastes his large-scale photographs in cities worldwide to help explore personal identity. In 2014, he brought his Inside Out Project photobooth truck to the Dallas Contemporary. Visitors could enter the photobooth to get their photo taken and watch it print immediately, and could either take the photo with them or have it wheat-pasted into the exhibit.During the exhibition, over 2,900 people participated in Inside Out Dallas. Untitled by Sten + Lex, Atlanta, Georgia Google Sten + Lex's mural of Dr. Martin Luter King, Jr. in Old Fourth Ward, Atlanta was completed for the world's first and only all-female street art conference, "Living Walls: The City Speaks," in 2012. According to Google's Street Art Project, "the image was printed on a large plotter, and then the artists took hundreds of razorblades and cut swatches of paper away to slowly reveal the image underneath. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit