Google Pixel Repair: The Best Way To Replace A Verizon Google Pixel Screen

There are plenty of tools had a need to perform this repair. You might want a flathead, Phillips, and petalobe screwdrivers. You will also have to have a vinyl and metal tender pry tools

Step One.

You're going to have to have to employ the phi lips or the petalobe screwdriver (relies after the style of the Google Pixel) to reduce both screws situated on underneath of the Google Pixel. They're next to the charging dock and speakers.

Step Two.

When the screws are removed, you're prepared to take the trunk cover from the Google Pixel. Simply glide the hide and lift up it from the telephone. Ensure never to press down on the a glass cover because of the fact it might simply break.

Step Three.

The next step is always to remove the battery pack from the Google Pixel cover. To carry out this, you will must get rid of the screw having the battery pack terminal in location. When this can be completed, you can get rid of the terminal from the logic table and lift up the battery from the housing. Utilize the clear tab and also a plastic material pry tool to help lift up the battery away.

Step Four.

The next step requirements you to eliminate both screws that contain the charging interface flex cable set up alongside the metal tabs on best of it.

Step Five.

Subsequent, you might must be rid out of all the screws retaining the black material cover and 1 screw from a metallic clip that's after it. These metallic clips be certain that the cable connections don't come of the motherboard from vibration or dropage. When the screws are removed, take the metallic covers off of the motherboard.

Step Six.

Next, eliminate every one of the flex cable television connectors from the logic mother board. The next connectors should be removed; digitizer display screen, camera, antenna, charging dock, quantity button, energy button, headphone jack.

Step Seven.

Immediately after the connectors are removed, you might must eliminate the remaining screws inside the Google Pixel. 3 of the screws demand the flat mind screwdriver to eliminate. Also, one of the screws can be found in the nook underneath a dark sticker wherever the camera was located.

Step Eight.

When all the screws are removed, you may be now prepared to take away the motherboard. Lift up the board from the enclosure by lifting the trunk finish initial and ensuring you clear every one of the flex cables devoid of destroying them inside the technique.

Step Nine.

The next move is for taking the speakerphone and antenna assemblage from the Google Pixel.

Step Ten.

Subsequent, take away the vibration module by using your boring blade and sliding it within the motor. Try to keep carefully the adhesive intact.

Step Eleven.

You will discover ten more screws that you will must deal with. The 4 screws found in the four edges of the Google Pixel should be removed. The six wider screws with washers situated on the edges of the real estate should be lightly loosened.

Step Twelve.

Lastly, we is now able to start to remove the display from the Google Pixel. Use your lifeless blade to split up the display screen from the aluminium housing and begin off from underneath of the display screen near to the house button. Do that until the display has gone out of the Google Pixel.

Step Thirteen.

You are going to need to eliminate the steel grill combined with the plastic material camera holder from the old display assemblage to ensure that you will be able to put it to use again with your alternative screen.

To enable you to reassemble the Google Pixel, just follow these procedures inside the opposite order. Please use our precise repair videos that have complete instructions and tips. If this seems such as a difficult repair to execute, please visit our Google Pixel repair section for our skilled Google Pixel Screen repair Sydney service.



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