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Josh Baer, Capital Factory executive director, said the partnership will result in increased access to Google experts and services for his incubator's startup businesses. "Everyone knows Austin is an up-and-coming startup city," Baer said. "This is a sign we're at the top and no longer just up and coming." Google has teamedwith Capital Factory in the past to welcome the city of Austin's new Chief Innovation Officer and to announce that Google Fiber service would be coming to Austin, said Gerardo Interiano, Google public affairs manager. The partnership results in a financial sponsorship from Google, the terms of which were not disclosed by Interiano. Also, startups from Capital Factory will be eligible to compete in Google for Entrepreneur's next Demo Days, he said. visit

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Partnerships being made available span the globe, including the Chicago s 1871 coworking space, offering information and networking resources for startups; the Bulgaria-based accelerator program, Eleven; South African tech incubator, Umbono; Paris-based accelerator program Le Camping; and AFCECO, the Afghanistan-based youth shelter and education organization, among others. Also, programs specializing in certain types of entrepreneurs are working within the initiative, including Women 2.0 and NewME Acceleratora 12-week program to support startups led by minorities in tech. This week, Google teams in 28 cities across 13 countries will host events for entrepreneurs in their local communities. Putting its money or rather its credits where its mouth is, Google is offering entrepreneurs $1,000 in AdWords credit to every $1,000 an entrepreneur spends on AdWords, as part of the Startup America Partnership . The impetuous of the initiative stems from Googles own startup roots, Grove explained, referring to the mega-companys beginnings as a small firm created by founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin based out of a garage. visit

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6. Review submitted work internally As mentioned before, it is critical that at least one person from your organization manage the flow of content from your outsourced team. This person should be the final point of review and approval before anything is published. This is not because a freelancers work cant be trusted. Rather, it allows your organization to compare the content submitted by all the members of your outsourced team to ensure it presents a consistent message and experience for your audience. Your internal team is responsible for making sure all content represents your brand and effectively reflects the interests of your customer base while continuing to relay these insights to your outsourced team. 7. Measure success and iterate Lastly, it is important to consistently communicate the successes and failures of your various content initiatives with your entire team, both internal and outsourced. Use a measurement tool such as Google Analytics to understand how your content is performing based on metrics that show a change in sales, lead generation, consumption, or sharing. visit

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Grove said the launch of Google for Entrepreneurs is an effort to bring together all of the disparate tools and initiatives Google has for small business owners and for people looking to start a business . "The passion for working with entrepreneurs is not new at Google," said Grove. "This week is Google's fourteenth birthday. We started as startup and we have a lot of entrepreneurial employees in the company. We have a great passion for giving back." The spirit and passion Google has for entrepreneurs and startups is not new, but having a dedicated team to oversee it is, said Grove, who is based at Google's headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. visit