Good Question: Best Healthy and Natural Food Blogs?

Even though it's the holidays and nearly Christmas, all this candy-making and cookie-baking has us craving cabbage soup and simple, natural meals to balance out the sweetness. It sounds like reader Claire feels the same way, because she is looking for more - - health food blogs to read.I love to get recipe ideas from food blogs and websites, but there's a certain category I'm looking for but haven't been able to find. I'm looking for a blog about health food, specifically the happy hippie-type health food you can find here in California that emphasizes whole grains, yummy veggies and not too strict a stance towards dairy.She continues: I'm a big fan of the foodie sites, but sometimes I want to read about food that combines a love of the gourmet with reverence for tofu. Maybe Kitchn readers can help me find some good online health food resources.Claire, there are a few sites that quickly come to mind. First of all, we can't help toot our own horn for a moment: yes, we're omnivorous here at The Kitchn, but we have a lot of healthy cooking in our archives. Search for tofu, whole grains, and grain salads, and check out our archive of vegetarian and vegan dishes.Secondly, have you looked at Heidi Swanson's Mighty Foods? Heidi is best known for 101 Cookbooks, one of the early food blogs that quickly became very popular. Mighty Foods is a guide to all natural foods, and a great resource.o Mighty FoodsAlso, check out these - - blogs, starting with the home of that gorgeous photo up top:o Notes from My Food Diaryo Fatfree Vegan Kitcheno Kalyn's Kitcheno The Sustainable Tableo The Organic Food Blog