Good News and Bad News

Bad News:
I may have to return to Step One in OA.
Good News:
I have now got a UA Sponsor and can hopefully work the steps there in tandem with OA. :)
Perhaps 2016 will be the year the Miracles take place!



I love your positive thinking.

Just my opinion, but falling down (going back to step one) is never bad news. Oh I don\'t wish it on anyone, but falling down until you make it is just part of the journey. Like a kid learning to walk. Take steps toward mom...plop. Big hugs... Get up try again.

I think that as adults we get ahead of ourselves so much, that we forget to enjoy the journey.

You\'ve got a sponsor, you\'re learning more about yourself...those are things to enjoy. For whatever reason you got there...enjoy it anyway...

IDK...just my take on things. If this doesn\'t help, just delete it (see I fail too... ;p).

There is nothing \"bad\" about going back to step one... this isn\'t a school course when you complete the 12 steps you get a diploma. The 12 Steps are done daily and the first step is constantly renewed everyday.

The key and in my opinion, the secret to the first step is moving beyond admittance and finding total acceptance.