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mass health Teams were given a hypothetical $300,000 budget and were free to address whatever global health disparity interested them. This years projects included: Dialing Into Diabetes: Using Telemedicine to Improve Diabetes Management in Rural North Carolina Addressing Maternal Depression in Northeastern Afghanistan: A Packaged Intervention to Improve the Health of Mothers and Infants NC Farmworker Access to Health Information Chocolate Milk Cafe: Improving Breastfeeding Outcomes among Low-Income African American Women in the Piedmont Region of North Carolina Hepatitis C in Egypt: Developing Patient- and Community-based Education Programs Think Straight: Using health magazines Theatre to Promote Gender Expression and Sexual Identity Dialogue among Youth Nicole Savage, a student on the Dialing into Diabetes team, said having so much freedom made it difficult to know where to start but helped her think through the process of finding a solution. She said most of her teams time was spent talking to NGOs, doctors and other global health actors before beginning to formulate a solution. You dont want to go into a community and start making a lot of changes, Savage said. In the global health program, weve learned that you first need to understand everything about that community and you have to talk to a lot of people. Then you can start assessing their needs and brainstorming solutions. Course Is a Culmination of their Global Health Skills and Knowledge The capstone course is structured so that students discuss their interests and form teams at the beginning of the semester, then take a few weeks to decide on a project and contact experts and global health actors, and then use the rest of the semester to flesh out the project. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

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This person would be trained in how to work with people on their needs, finding suitable resources in the community to help and following up with the patient. These would be people who are part of the community they would serve, such as those in particular neighborhoods or who speak other languages, Jackman said. A community health worker also would have coaching and mentoring skills, she said. Teaching someone to manage their own blood pressure is different than taking someones blood pressure, she added. Health care is changing, Jackman said, predicting that it will be totally different in five years. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit

"None of us got a whole lot of sleep for a long treatment for bulimia time," Huegel recalled. It took an overnight hospital sleep study to find out Avyn had obstructive sleep apnea. He now sleeps with a ventilator that works just like a C-Pap would for an adult. Quick Clicks Sleep specialist Dr. David Dubose, medical director at the Children's Hospital of San Antonio Sleep Center , said poor sleep in kids can create serious problems such as, "hyperactivity, aggressive behavior, inability to complete tasks, inability to stay awake." Those behaviors can be mistaken for the symptoms of ADHD. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit