Glass Meal Prep Containers Set for Healthy Lifestyle

Glass Meal Prep Containers Set, a fresh item from your product lineup of KJA Lifestyles, has features that are created specifically to encourage cook. Produced from durable and hygienic glass, it doesn’t risk potentially harmful chemicals to leach in the food. The general design is made with the concept that it needs to be easily brought everywhere or anywhere safely devoid of the fear how the food is going to spoil or spill right into a mess. This way, creating a food saver that may storage home-made cooked food anywhere we go, is going to be expedient in your health insurance and wallet.
Using glass material doesn’t only result in the design look prettier, eye-catching, and eye appealing, it's also manufactured from material that will increase the risk for container practical and long-lasting. Because the glass materials are BPA-free and can withstand an extreme alternation in temperature-low and also temperature alike, it really is safe to use in the microwave, freezer, oven, and dishwater. Even though taking it out of the freezer to be heated immediately within the microwave, then throwing these phones the dishwater being cleaned afterward, the glass won’t become damaged.
The transparent glass can make it harder to misidentify the proper box in time of hurry. The truth is, it'll be a tremendous help in distinguishing this content of the compartment. Additionally, it makes reheating process easier nevertheless there is forget about should open the lids to check on the food-except for baking.
Yes, the glass container enables you to bake too. The glass is robust enough to resist the prolonged exposure to oven’s extreme temperature. However, please be aware to remove the lids before putting them within the oven for baking since the lids are certainly not actually oven-safe.
This set isn’t only useful for preserving and cooking food. It is usually a really convenient glass bento box or glass lunch containers as well because it's lightweight and has more than enough room to avoid wasting a sizeable part of food. A set has got the dimension of 10.2 x 8.7 x 7 inches. When empty, it weighs 6.5 pounds which has a capacity of 32 oz. Such measurements come up with a good size for homemade lunch or like a companion in a long travel. The fact that it has a nice design to be presented off outside can be a bonus.


Glass Lunch Containers Set incorporates three compartments; are all equipped with airtight locking lids, cutlery compartments, and offers portion control. Seeing as there are three of them having a total of 32 oz capacity, it may store lunch, salad, and dessert together-a balanced meal in a single package. The airtight locking lids prevent the food from spilling everywhere and simultaneously keeping it fresh and engaging. The special compartment for cutlery can store a spoon, knife, or fork depending on the menu-of-the-day, able to provide anytime and anywhere. As for the portion control, it is going to prove useful for individuals who must be cautious using food intake.
Glass Meal Prep Set can be a multi-purpose product. It's great for preserving food, reheating, cooking, and even as being a lunch box. Something to ensure living.

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