Give back my soap box DAMMIT

I am sitting here with my stick and oh ya, someone took my soap box. So tell me please what is it that I supposed to do. I got this great shiny little thing that when you open it there is music and pretty things that stand out but I think that I will just leave it here for someone to step on and crush into a fine dust. No need to worry though, yea yea I hear ya. I know what youre afraid of, oh but I think you will do just fine. I think that you will step on t all by your self. Give me back my Soap Box, if you please, and oh by the way while youre in the getting closet I want my Whipping Cain as well damn it. Stand up you coward if this is what you believe. You, sorry piss poor excuse, for existence then stand up. You can use my soap box, after all; you took it anyway. Dont be trepid we wont express amusement at you any more then we already do. That is what I thought; you are nothing more than a molecular waste of space. Hey!!!!!! That breath that you just took it could have been used for something useful.