Gingrich: Obama Illegally Created New Laws In Plan

In the president's address, Gingrich writes, he described "what sounded like a reasonable plan to prioritize the deportation of felons, criminals, and gang members over the deportation of other people in the United States illegally." And, Obama said, the proposal was within his authority as president, but Gingrich notes it "was not merely a directive to emphasize enforcement against those who have committed crimes, or even a simple pause on deportations for millions of people here illegally." Gingrich says the White House actually announced its real policy in a memo from its Office of Legislative Affairs hours before Obama took to the podium Thursday night. That policy is a "17-point plan including several new programs without Congressional approval, budget appropriation or spending authorization, and many of which the President either didn't mention or which bore only a faint resemblance to what he described in his speech," Gingrich said. According to the White House, Obama has directed the Department of Homeland Security to create a deferred action program to give illegal immigrants work permits for at least three years, and establishes criteria to keep people exempt from deportation. "It establishes extensive new criteria by which people can register to be exempt from deportation," said Gingrich. DHS will have to employ thousands of bureaucrats to process those who "come forward and register, submit biometric data, pass background checks, pay fees, and show that their child was born before the date of this announcement." In addition, applicants will have to prove they have been in the country for at least five years and will have to pay taxes, Gingrich noted. "Well, a brand new program that hands out three-year work authorizations and processes more paperwork than many state DMVs is not merely saying, as the President put it in his speech, that "we're not going to deport you," said Gingrich. In addition, the president said his executive action will offer relief to a narrow number of people, but the policy memo says the DHS will "direct all of its enforcement resources at pursuing" people who are "national security threats, serious criminals, and recent border crossers." So while one group of 4 million will be eligible for the work authorization program, "there will be no resources directed at enforcing immigration law against the other 7 million people here illegally as long as they do not fall into a few narrow categories, according to the policy memo. Meanwhile, Gingrich says, Obama is assuring the nation his actions are lawful and the same kind taken by presidents over the past half century. Gingrich says Obama doesn't have any congressional sanction like the predecessors he cites and his actions are "are an order of magnitude larger" than those previous actions. visit

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Even so, this cunning voter ID law concept hits upon the perfect solution for the far more pressing problem of shadowy political funds. We need donor ID laws, the sooner the better. This off-year election may not have drawn many voters, but it attracted a ton of money. Much of the nearly $4 billion came from corporate executives, professionals , business associations and nonprofit groups designed to hide funders identities. Corporations are not required to seek approval from their stakeholders; in fact, shareholders dont even have the legal right to know if and how a company is spending money in politics. visit

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