Gigi could be the number 1 promoting make of quality polish and waxing equipment helping the persona

Skilled container polish heaters that are Gigi will be the greatest in the marketplace. They are extremely adaptable machines which can be combined with any items effectively much like most other models of feel. Regardless model or of the type of polish, the Gigi wax heaters may accommodate. They provide all-day socks that may be utilized, maintaining the wax in an excellent temp and consistency without drying out or overheating, ideal for the qualified environment where waxing clients is all day occurrence. Temperature-control buttons allows an individual to fine tune the temp placing it minimal, medium, or high and everything between, making certain feel is warmed to the great temp warm enough to effectively remove hair without burning or irritating your skin.

A number of their best selling warmers:

GiGi Space Saver Drier 0892: This lightweight device is perfect for the salon that has confined countertop area or functions waxing providers that are minimum. The Room saver is effective with all varieties of hair removal wax and accommodates many feel pots. Testing just 5-5/8" wide by 4" large, its positively a "space-saver", and comes with a 6" qualified power cord plus a temperature-control penis to help you achieve professional benefits.

Gigi Digital Hotter 0205: GiGi Professional Honee Wax Electronic Drier is designed for box waxes that are 14 ounce. It features a convenient, simple to read digital exhibit and temperature-control along with a precise thermostatically controlled heater for many day-use.
GiGi 0225: This system is ideal for use athome or for your salon environment. The Feel Warmer 0225 fits-most 8 oz and 14 oz container wax containers. An ideal price-conscious option, it has a temperature-control button for precise control and on indicator light and the GiGi Wax Warmer is suitable for all kinds of hair-removal polish. It is see through address helps retain waxes heat and steer clear of wax disease making it great for the professional salon.

Gigi mittens are the ideal accomplice to ensuring that its highest potential is performed to by your polish. Entrust the best-selling waxing brand on the market with undesirable hair and your skin.