Ghoul Talk Episode 15: Werecat Twins

The latest episode of Ghoul Talk , the Monster High podcast by and for collectors of all ages, features those catty twins Purrsephone and Meowlody. The big question this episode is if the twins are just arm candy for Toralei, or are they actual characters in their own right? Well look at the dolls, the diaries, and the webisodes, and discuss our personal takes on this pair of crafty kitties.
This episode also features a new doll review (Creepateria Cleo!) by Michelle, plus an extra discussion about Monster High fakies, as well as the North American and overseas MH news.
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However, as we know, Raven is her own woman, and so chooses to buck convention and wear a combination of her own outfit and her mothers: She would just wear the clothes shed put on that morning a shimmery purple top with metal chain belts, purple leggings, and black knee-high boots with silver studs. But she did hook on her mothers cape. It was a wicked-awesome cape, with a high collar and fabric that shimmered and captured the glance. And she put on the crown, an intricate silver dome with purple jewels dripping onto her forehead. She was a Queen, after all. She didnt want to become her mother, but she couldnt completely deny her legacy. Personally I would love to have seen that bad-ass evil queen dress become a reality, but this dolls outfit is still really cool. Lets take a look at each item, from head to toe.. The crown is kind of weird and awesome. The whole thing is antiqued silver plastic and it consists of a chain-draped, spiked ball on her head with what looks like a winged hummingbird skull on top, then there are more wings on the front with a decorative jeweled piece hanging down on her forehead, with painted purple gems. There are also two large talon-shaped pieces that curl down from the sides of the crown and around her temples, and the crown has a built in headband (which has a lot of sculpted detail for a piece thats mostly hidden under her hair) to keep it securely on the dolls head; zireael2005 on flickr has some nice shots of the crown by itself that show the headband part. One of the costume elements that they like to carry over into all of Ravens dolls is big evil queen collars. This is obviously inspired by the Disney Snow White villain: Legacy Day Ravens collar is crazy big. Its kind of really awesomely over-the-top, with a bunch of lacy-looking detail and a kind of abstract filigree feather design on the collar itself, which is attached to a seriously fantastic, purple-feathered, chain-draped shoulderpiece. I love that theyre glazing these silver pieces with black to show all the wonderful sculpted detail, and I wish theyd done the front of the collar like they did with the rest of it. The real problem with that big fancy collar though is that it gets in the way of the dolls hair. I saw a lot of these dolls on store shelves with collars that were practically bent in half because of that side ponytail. On my doll, the whole shoulderpiece is kind of warped slightly off-kilter because the ponytail was pushing it sideways in the box, and her head has to be turned slightly to the side when shes wearing the collar. The hair/collar dilemma kind of cuts down on the playability of this doll, but I *really* like the shoulderpiece so I took an exacto knife and cut the collar off of mine. Its much more versatile now. For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit Review: Legacy Day Raven Queen EAH doll