Getting through

We have moved and life is good. I love my girl with everything in me and I am so proud of her! Sometimes things come to the surface but so far its nothing i cannot handle. I am back on Prozac and its helping and I feel motivated most of the time and at worst slightly overwhelmed and tired but it usually subsides within a day or so if I remind myself to take a deep breath. I think I am fine and i have hope that I can manage if things come up. 
There is alot going on but.... i dont really want to get into it all at the moment. One major thing is that my little brother who is schizophrenic has moved to the same town as my daughter and I. I have taken over his care at this point because my parents are simply failing at it. Our parents are not very nurturing and he requires a great deal of patience... and discipline. Anyway he is doing well but it is alot to take on and sometimes I am not sure if i can handle it all. but I am handling it and I will do what I must. My daughter comes first and then my brother and they are both very important to me. Sometimes I feel like I have two children .... lol its funny but I think he is as good for me as i am for him. He keeps me busy kinda of like my daughter... and they both give me purpose and very little time to sit around and ruminate and get lost in my head. I wonder if its just another kind of dysfunction ... where I am doing the caretaker thing so that i dont have to pay attention to my own stuff... I suppose the important thing is to find a balance. Caring for my daughter and brother cant be a bad thing and I can do that and still take care of my own needs. Its just a balancing act that everyone needs to get good at. We all have to learn to get outside of ourselves sometimes .... 
Iv got this.