Getting there!

It was a beautiful autumn day and it felt so good to get out and walk Gracie. We went all the way down to the park and through it. The trees have yet to change color "down here" at the lower elevations, but seeing the gold aspens tucked into the pine trees on the mountain was so pretty! The leaves on our red maple are just now turning red and the leaves on the lindens are starting to turn yellow. On the way back home, I stopped and talked to my neighbor, Danny who owns the local nursery in our neighborhood.  He'd taken off the day to start preparing his yard for winter. They always have such beautiful flowers in their yard, from early spring until the first flakes of snow start to fly. They've had some pretty tough years with the recession. Their prices are pretty steep, but we do buy a few plants from them every year and I always stop there to buy locally grown, fresh produce. My UPS man, Paul was up at my house making a delivery, and waved to us as he passed by. I looked at Gracie and she was just sitting there in the street by my side, staring at me saying "let's go mommy." It was so nice to get out and enjoy the beauty of the day. Am going to do that every day, and have decided that if I go at my own pace, I'll be fine. I seem to have readjusted to the altitude as my legs and buns weren't burning. It must have been those 4 flights of stairs to Amy's apt several times a day that helped me keep in shape. Walking Gracie is fun for both of us. Little Miss Snifitz looks forward to walks and I'm beginning to look forward to them as much as she does.