Getting started with a walk

This morning after my shower I am going for a walk. It's still early enough that walking will energize me, especially with the music. Walking is a great exercise. It is slow enough that my mind has time to focus and to clear itself of all the clutter. I always enjoy walking with someone else, because then I get to talk, and I love to talk. Right now I only have one walking partner but we've only been able to walk together once. Since that first walk our individual schedules have been a little chaotic. My schedule has freed up a little, so today I will call her and see if she is available for walking. I hope so. She is a great talker too.  I am grateful for how walking makes me feel. Sometimes I feel like I could just start walking and continue on without end. Sort of like Forest Gump did. But I know I would get hungry and have to stop anyway. For now I will settle for a 30 minute walk to get me going and to clear my mind.



hope you enjoyed your walk :)
I am trying to get back to more walking that I had begun earlier this month.