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TerminologyFamiliarize yourself with the terminology of web design at the outset, it will make learning the details that much easier when you come to them. Like any specialist subject there's industry jargon and fair few acronyms used in web design. You can also find several good web deign glossary of terms by searching online which will get you started.A basic understanding of HTML is still essentialThere's all kinds of content management systems and visual HTML editors which you can use to help you create your web pages these days but to really understand web sites and give yourself the best chance of learning quickly and being able to troubleshoot problems when they happen you should start your learning by getting a comprehensive understanding of HTML - the main language of the web. In its simplest form HTML is just a few tags used to identify different types of content on a web page. Follow some HTML tutorials and you'll be up and running with your first web page before you know it.Give it some style with cascading style sheets (CSS)Where HTML is used to format content on a web page, CSS is a complimentary language used to instruct the web browser how a page should look. Things like colors, font faces and sizes, positioning of different elements and background images are all controlled with CSS. CSS is a remarkably simply language to learn (although it does get more complex at an advanced level) and once you have an understanding of HTML and CSS combined you'll be ready to build your first pages.Get to grips with web hosting, DNS and FTP href='' - -